10 DIY Decorating Tips Everybody Should Know

You can decorate your home with various items. The only thing that is required is a creativity. One can decorate his home with cushions, wall hangings, wall hanging tapestries, wooden handicrafts etc. Everyone wish to revamp their living space socially when they get bored or wanted to do something new. There are some DIY decorating tips with the help of which you can give your home an impressive look.

So let’s start with Cushion or pillow cover first:

A) A common approach to decorating with cushions is to use the same size and shape of designing pillow cover across your collection.

While there are times where a consistent look makes sense, this approach can come across as quite sterile and bland. If you want to create a more interesting and diverse collection, you should consider using cushions of different shapes and sizes. Mixing in larger squares and rectangle cushion covers helps provide variety and creates more options in terms of how you can group and arrange them. This approach especially looks good when decorating kid’s rooms with fun, bright colours and different shapes. Using different shapes allows you to layer your cushions more effectively and can provide lovely depth and a cosy feel.

kantha cushion cover

B) Add a Rug

Do you want to redo your space with some transformation. To update the room instantly you can add a large sisal rug which in turn will give contemporary and neat ambience to your room. In case you want to do something more glamorous then you can add a zebra print.

C) A Tapestry as Bed Canopy

I can give you a brilliant idea that has come to my mind. Just thought of using the tapestry as a canopy. The kids bedroom in the house has twin beds. To make it cozy and give the child some privacy, the tapestry canopy is a fantastic idea. The aesthetic designs and craft made the room look cozy, giving some quiet retreat. Sleeping under the canopy provides a king-like treatment, improving the overall experience.

D) Window Treatment By Using Curtain

It all depends on your tastes and the current interior decor of your home. For instance, if you want to emphasize the beauty of your window, you can consider a color or pattern that is eye-catching such as stripes or bright plaid. To be frank and honest there are mandala design curtains that work well with bright colors and it creates a minor sheen and gives texture to the fabric of the curtain. Stripes and plaids are excellent for floor-length living room window curtains since it can provide depth for the room.

E) Paint the room wall

You can give a nice surprise to yuor children. You can adda fun colour to the your children’s room for a nice surprise when they open it up. Actually such innovation needs attention. You can also decide to paint one side of the room with a bright color and the other side with a light color or having a wall paper.

F) Beach Roundies As a Table cloth

A little different, yet impressive style of dining together. Make the grand meals, enjoying with the awe-inspiring roundies that spreads on the table. The choice of the tapestry can be distinguished and self-loving. Like for summers, we have a floral screen printed roundies that spreads on my table.

beach roundies as a table cover

Not only does the tapestry improves the dining experience, but it also saves the furniture abrasions. The unyielding stains on the furniture irritate one as then it requires a lot of effort to improve this. So what are you waiting for. Buy roundies and use it as round table cover.

In case you plan to have a picnic in summer then also you can make us e of these beach roundies.

G) Hang it on the wall

Get closer to the perfect home decor style and hang a large wall hanging mandala tapestry onto the wall. Cover up the blank wall spaces to create the magical effects in any room you try the makeover.

The tapestries can be used anywhere in the indoor or even outside. What we should know is to settle with the prints and patterns that will look good inside and outside the home.

Like in a verandah or a balcony, we can have a mirror worked or a patchwork tapestry. For the indoors, prefer to have the traditional and the religious tapestries. Like using the Bohemian tapestry to add that extra rhythm to the existing room décor.

H) Use of Tray

You can always think of reorganising items like TV remotes and other things on a nice and neat tray on a side table or a coffee table. This will look awesome and give an innovative feeling to your room.

I) Mandala Tapestry as Bed Spreads

Breaking the banal and the overstated style of decor, using the Mandala bedspreads will be a new transformation for the bedrooms. Getting that extra ethnic touch to the home is somewhat different. The large mandala bedspreads or bedcover for the double bed will display the best of the art.

Simply lay a bedspread to lend new life to your room. Choose the colors of the mandala tapestry that suits best to the room furnishings and the color of the walls.

J) Creating Ambience with Candles

You can use aroma candles to decorate your room thus having wonderful dim light in a room and a wonderful aroma. You can put the candles as a centerpiece on the table to create a casual romantic situation while having dinner.

Closing up:

The method to successfully decorating your home without spending or applying much brain is thinking outside the box. For example sometimes just by making a change in your home lighting can make a difference.