Ideas to Style your Bed

10 Ideas to Style Your Wall Behind the Bed

Walls are the beautiful part of the your home. You can add charm as well as beauty to your home by decorating them. It adds effect to your decor and brings royalty to it. Those days are gone, when people use to leave the walls plain or use to hang the watches. Now time is different and walls play the special place in our lives. As it brings effect to our decor. The easiest path to bring effect to your decor is to decor your behind wall, and in it, you have to show your creativity.

How to bring effect by decorating your behind wall:

Place the Wallpapers

Those days are gone when we needed the artists to decorate the walls and even for the themes and pictures also we were dependent on them. Time has changed and a new era brings a lot and now you don’t have to rely on artist and you don’t have to go with one design for a long time, as now through wallpapers you can change your design/theme daily. As now wallpapers are totally different and are of quality, you can change them on daily basis. They will not put the stain on your walls.

Support your bed up against a set of shelves. It could be a lil bit new move and for few days it could be strange for you but after few days you will get used to it.  If some space is left then you can place some other things to it like books or an attracting matter but don’t make a room overloaded.

Drape with Tapestries 

drape wall tapestry
You can drape a tapestry wall hanging. It will give a look of tradition and Indian style. You will be connected to your roots as it was used by our forefathers, and it adds charm to your decor, this is how you will bring old days back. In ancient times, Kings and queens use to decor their palaces with the help of tapestries. It was the must item for their palace without it, the decoration was incomplete with it. Tapestries use to take a high time to get prepared it is not at all an easy task it needs a lot of skills and preparation as well as a long period of time.

Add charm to the mirror, these are the best to add the glow to your decor. It creates beauty in its own way. Through it, your room will become wide, if new mirrors will strategically place on it. A minimalist circle shape looks wonderfully hung over a bed frame.

Add Textual Basket

add textual basket
Textual colorful baskets are now trendier and makes great choice to decor above your bed. They are light weighted and easily  capture the attention of visitor as well.

Wall Hanging
Bring the 70’s feel by vintage-inspired yarn hanging. Wall hangings can be of many types you can opt for paintings, watches show pieces etc. Earlier people use to hang only a watch on the wall but now have various options.

Gridded Gallery Wall

If you have showcases clean and beautifully designed, so just opt for them, Gridded Gallery Wall is a new trended and through gridded photo frames you can add charm, beauty and glow to your room. If you have a neat and tidy esthetic, showcase your favorite photographs in a strict grid. It won’t feel chaotic, but it will allow you to keep your favorite memories with you.

Juju Hat
Cameroon juju hats were in trend a few years ago. It was the designers best choice and along with this, it is stylish dwellers alike. Now people, not much are wearing it but to hang it on the wall will be a good idea.

Picture Shelf
To place the picture also a good idea on the shelf.  You can place some pictures on the shelves in a straight way, the pictures and shelves when gets mixed up so it will bring unique and charming look. Picture shelf is beautiful among itself and it brings a lot with it. So, Give your room a gallery of inspiring art by installing a behind-bed ledge.

Add some creativity to it by applying your creativity to it. Yes, if you like art and craft or are you a painter so surely you have to prepare something, so place them on your walls. As so that, your walls will boost up with creativity and what could be a better place than your own dream home. It will boost confidence in you as well as will save your money. Show off with your talent and come up with your creativity.

So, here we have stated the best ideas to Style Your Wall Behind the Bed, These ideas will surely bring charm beauty and glow to your decor as well as it will bring the characteristic of uniqueness. So just try it and change the decor.