3 Factors to be considered before purchasing Curtains for your home

Window curtains are the best interior decor trend which helps in giving a different charm to the complete room. Class collection of wall curtains is available at our online handicraft store.

Many interior decorators give different advice’s related to the interior decor trend as such. If decorating the room with marvellous curtains is considered then there are various kinds of curtains which you can opt from. There are various factors to be considered before purchasing the curtains for your home. But you must make sure that the curtains which you opt for must be chosen wisely after much of research work. When you are pondering over the window accessories at home for giving charming look to your windows then there are variety of curtains which you can opt from after considering major factors like colour, fabric, length, lining and much more.

3 Important factors to be considered before purchasing the curtains for your home:

#1 Color & Fabric:

Fabric is the most important aspect to be considered before choosing the curtains for your home. As per the designer Suysel DePedro, if the curtains are much heavy in weight then it will not be hassle free to fold the curtains crisply as they are drawn and they will also not fall well.

The fabrics also get faded by the sunlight. Many people ponder over curtain colours for living room or any other room at home. If there is ample of light to your room then you must certainly avoid using the curtains of the bright colours as such. If you opt for the neutral colours then they will not fade easily and will also give the best blend to your to the decor of your room.

The class choice you must opt for are the silk, faux silk, linen, velvet, for your windows as these fabrics hand perfectly. Faux silk is the fabric which is quite durable. Various hotels opt for using the curtains of velvet, suede, mandala tapestry curtains, tweed and various other fabrics too which just looks awe-inspiring. If sunny room is concerned, then faux silk is said to get worsened faster than real silk. Some of the curtain fabric has the wonderful quality of keeping out the cold and accordingly you must opt for the curtains.

Various curtains of assorted range!

Of different colours like blue, pink, orange! 🙂

#2 Consider the length and lining of curtains:

It solely depends on you as to how high you desire the curtain to be hanged for your wondows and accordingly you must plan for hangign the curtains. Generally the designers opt for hanging the curtains around 6 inches above the window frame. But if your desire the dramatic appearance then you can opt for much height of the hippie window curtains in room.

You must opt for measuring from the top of window at the time of measurement of the curtains and. For giving the charming and traditional touch, you can opt for added inches of height with the curtains slightly puddled on the floors. At the time of measuring width of your window, you must make certain to add around 4 to 8 inches on both the sides and then double the total number for protecting the fullness of the curtains. If you aspire to make use of the curtains for shutting out the sun, the extra inches around the perimeter of your window frame will help you to block any creeping sunlight.

#3 Off-the-shelf vs Customized window treatments:

Customized window treatments provides great deal of advantages: You will be able to customize the measurements to your attractive window size and provide the best look just like the ideally fitted suit. You will be able to find the marvellous designs of custom panels, right from material to header style. Through these amazing options, you will get to see a lot of price difference from off-the-shelf curtain panels.

The Final Word:

So, are you all set to purchase the wonderful online wall curtains?

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