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3 Striking beach games to play with friends

Some people love beach and beach parties to the core. People search for best games to play at the beach with friends because this is an uphill battle. They also feel over the moon if they live at the coastal area as such and they can go at the beach any time to have wonderful party at the beach side. The very difficult part is to search about the striking beach games to play with friends at the beach to make your beach trip memorable.

Beach gamnes and activities are must to enjoy the beach side outing with friends. There are various beach games, some are the family beach games and some are meant to be played with friends because young people have different kind of energy in them.

3 Best beach games to play with friends:

Some people search for beach games online but here in this post, we will list you different kinds of beach games to play with your frends and capture good memories at the beach side. There are different games to play at the beach with friends which will leave you amazed for sure.

Before you opt for heading towards an awesome beach for a hangout, then 5 jaw dropping beach accessories are the must to carry with you as these will be helpful for you at the beach side.

Here are the 3 best beach games to play with friends which will surely make your freinds joly and happy.

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#1 Passing the parcel:

This is one of the best beach game ideas. But while starting passing the parcel game, some of your friends will take the smartphonne from their pocket to search about how to play passing the parcel game but there might be the chances that the mobile phone slips from the hands and falls on the sand.

So, before planning the beach party, here we will tell you about how you can play passing the parcel game at the beach side. All you need is the pom pom cushion cover and round beach blanket for playing this marvelous game. One friend can play the music which is required in playing passing the parcel game.

At first you need to spread round mandala beach towel on the sand and get seated with friends in circle. Here are the points to play passing the parcel game:

  • At first, you will have to write each pass the parcel forfeit on a different slips of paper then fold it and keep all the slips in one bowl.

  • And you have already spread the round beach throw on the sand. Sitting in a circle and music on in one smartphone, you have to pass the amazing cushion having amazing cushon cover to the friend sittign on your right or the left side and this process will go on till the music gets stopped.

  • When the music is stopped then the person holding the cushion will habve to pick a random slip of papr from the bowl and will have to perform the challenge which is written on the slip of paper and then that person is out from that game.

  • The music will again restart and will be continued until 1 last person, the winner, remains.

For playing this game you will require cushion and make sure you have opted for awe-inspiring cushion cover. You can get assorted range of cushion covers online which are available in different designs, patterns and colours.

Beautiful Beach Roundie Towel

#2 You can play musical towels game:

Well, you might have heard of the musical chairs game before. But musical towels game you might be hearign for the first time. This is played just like the musical chairs. All you need to do is to lay out one less circular beach towelthan you have the players or the beach walkers. All the beach walkers will have to walk in a circle around the round beach towel when the music plays. As soon as the music is turrned off then beach walkers will have to stand on the roundie beach towel. The beach walker who is not able to make it to the beach towel must sit out until the next game as such. Then remove another beach towel and turn the music on. You need to repeat this process until there is only one beach walker left.

For playing this particular game, you will require music which can be played in one of your friends’ trendy smartphone and various kinds of roundie beach towel or mandala beach throw. This is alos the most loved beach party games to be played with your friends.

#3 Shell hunting game at the beachside:

This is yet another fun-filled game and the best beach activity ideas to enjoy beach side party with friends.

For playing this game, you an ask all your friends to hunt for the ravishing and wide array of shells at the beach. The friend who will have the huge collection of assorted range of shells will be announced as the winner. This games is just ver y awesome as people swim in the water for finding the shells of wide varieties and sizes.

You will have to take yummy snacks along with you because all the friends will get tired after playing this game and all can spread the mandala throw blanket and sit for gossiping and eating delicious snacks.

Wrapping it up:

So, are you all set for your next beach trip with your Android handset or the iPhone handset?

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