5 ways of styling a tapestry that will make you go awe

Tapestry is one of the highly favored art form which is meant for facilitation your home decor. There are carious people who get attracted to the handicrafts and creativity of the hand made products.

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People love to flaunt their love for hand crafts by giving a makeover to their home by adding the art form at every corner of the house.

The most loved of ll the handicrafts is the tapestry, which is being loved by the people around the globe. There is a vast array of tapestries, which are available at our online store, at reasonable rates. These lovely and trendy wall hanging tapestries can be used for giving a complete makeover to your home in various ways. You can use the Mandala tapestry as the curtain which will change the whole auro of your living room.

Here are the 5 trendy ways to style your tapestry:

#1 Use the tapestry as bed canopy:

wall tapestry

You can start off with making the bed canopy by using your favorite colored tapestry. Get creative by decorating room with tapestry canopy, which will grab eyeballs of the visitors to your home. By making the tapestry as the canopy, it will give a different warmth to your room, which will breathe life into the room. After you are done with this creativity, it will make you grin from ear to ear, when you watch it after finishing.

#2 Using the class Hippie tapestry as the bed headboards:

wall tapestry

This wonderful idea goes well if there is no such back-rest in the bed. One of the best idea is to embellish the room with Hippie mandala tapestry of your favorite color. This will give a different warmth to the room. Make use of the bright or the contrast tapestry for this creativity.

Make use of the similar printed bolster covers or the throw pillows which will add up a different charm to the room.

#3 Bohemian mandala tapestry as the wall hanging:

wall tapestry

If there is a space left behind any furniture, like behind the sofa set if there is ample wall area to give some creativity, then you can opt for the bohemian mandala wall tapestry. Get your favorite colored bohemian tapestry and hang the tapestry behind those sofa sets. This will hide the wall which was earlier appearing to be just plain. This will breathe life into the room in fraction of seconds.

#4 Spread your favorite tapestry on the dining table:


Now some creativity at the dining area of your home. Get the furniture contrast color tapestry to use as the table cloth. This will be the sure shot way to increase your diet, as you would love to sit for some more time while enjoying your mouth-watering food, you will certainly lose control over your hunger just by the marvelous look of the dining table, the mandala tapestry being used as the table cloth.

#5 Using the tapestry as the beach throw:


This is the yet another class idea of using the tapestry, as the beach throw. Whenever you are headed towards enjoying your picnic at your favorite, don’t forget to carry your favorite star mandala tapestry to spread on the hot sand and just enjoy laying on the tapestry or sitting on the tapestry along with watching the scenic beach view or reading the book after sitting on that tapestry.

Closing Thoughts:

How about trying these lovely ideas? Handicrunch offers you the assorted range of tapestries at very affordable rates.

Get your favorite colored tapestry and start with your creativity with tapestry at home. This will surely give you sheer delight, as you will get your creative juices flowing by using the tapestries in various ways as per your choice.