6 Smashing tips to Click classy iPhone Beach Photos

People in today’s world have different kinds of hobbies. Some like dancing, some love singing, some people like capturing moments in form of selfies and photos & later upload them on various social media platforms to share with friends.

If you fall under the category of clicking classy photos then you must opt for beach side view which gives perfect photography. And if you have got a trendy iPhone smartphone then it is icing on the cake.

So, are you looking forward to know more about iPhone photography tips and tricks then you are headed towards the right place. We will give you flabbergasting tips to take elegant photos by iPhone and how to use iPhone camera for wonderful photos and selfies. There are multifarious iPhone photography apps which are available on your app store which will help you to give add-ons to your photos to make it appear classy to the core. We will also tell you about iPhone camera settings resolution which will help you in making use of advanced settings to have stunning quality selfies and photographs.

The beach sie is the best place to capture different kinds of photos. All you will need is your iPhone, a designer round mandala beach towel, round beach throw and few other beach accessories which will not only make your beach trip memorable but will help you taking awe-inspiring photos at the beach. Jaw dropping beach roundie is a must to carry at the beach side if you love taking photographs a lot and love uploading them.

6 tips for taking astonishing iPhone beach photos:

Here is the list of tips for takin wonderful iPhone beach photos which will help you capture beautiful memories in fraction of seconds.

#1 Focal point is must in photos:

So, you might have been at your favourite beach side numerous times? But next time when you go to the beach mdo make sure that carry a marvelous boho beach towel and round mandala beach towel along with you which will help you unleash the photography skills when you spread it and sit on the beach sand with your feet slightly in the water of the beach.

One of the problem which photographers face is that there is much of empty space with different kind of features at the beach side.

If you aspire to take mind-boggling photos at the beach then very fist thing is that you must know about the focal point in your image. This will leave the photo viewer gobsmacked for sure. You can opt for including people in the beach photography, say for instance your friend can spread a beautiful roundie beach towel or round beach throw to sit on it for enjoying lovely beach view and take awesome photography at beach side.

#2 Foreground consideration:

For making your beach photograph look astonishing you must also opt for adding glam to your beach photos. All you need to do is to add some objects in the foreground.

Climbing up with the dunes and adding this wonderful flower in the foreground can help your beach photos looks quite splendid and it will surely get more likes when you add them on your social media platforms. The best technique is to bend slightly down for taking the photos from a lower angle.

You can opt for spreading round mandala beach throw or rounch beach blanket to sit on it and your friend will capture your photo.

#3 You must opt for the burst mode:

Beach is the spot where various opbjects move in unforseeable ways, say for instance waves of water or the lovely birds, people coming for the picnic, having food and gossipping sittting on lovely colourful patterned mandala beach throw looks just ravishing. For using the burst mode function on your trendy iPhone, all you need to do is just hold the shutter button for half a second or for long, and your classy iPhone will begin taking the photos one after the other which will capture each moment of the beach.

It feels great when you watch the splash of water at the beach but capturing the same will make you feel over the moon.

#4 Reflections at the beach side looks just beautiful:

When you go to the beach then the reflection of water, boat, etc looks so classy and appealing to the eyes. So you must opt for clickingthe photos keeping in mind about the reflections. As soon as your eyes are glued to the reflection then you can look forward for various composition options. In this case also you can opt for taking the photos from the lower abgle as it looks wonderful.

#5 Look at the minute interesting detail:

Many things at the beach gives amazing look at one glance, for instance, the shells, pebbles, seaweed, driftwood, lovely circular beach towel or the round mandala beach towel gives wonderful look when you are sittign at the beach side. It will add the best photograph in your iPhone gallery when you see the minute details at the beach side. For giving your photos the amazing allure, you can also opt for framing these small details which makes your beach trip quite memorable and unforgettable.

#6 Black & white photograph for best photos:

It is always good to experiment with the black & white conversion of the photos from the coloured ones. There are various kinds of iPhome photography apps which will help yo to do this and get the best results. This will be able to change the mood of the photo at the drop of a hat and these photos is a surefire to gain the attention of your friends when you upload these photos on the social media account just by few taps on your smartphone.

The best ways to convert the photo in the black and white mode from colourful mode is that you can opt for taking the magnificent colorful round beach blanket or cotton on round beach towel to spread and sit on it. Just click an amazing photo by your iPhone and later on you can convert it in black and white. This gives the best result to you photo and the roundie will also look stunning.

Wrapping Up:

So, the aforementioned tips will help you to the core when you are looking forward to plan your next visit to the astonishing beachside and have lots of fun with family or the friends.

But next time when you go to your favourite beachin the world don’t forget to log on to our online handicraft store and purchase beautiful beach blanket or round beach throw which will not only help you at the beach side but also help you in making your trip quite memorable when you use it at the beach side to sit and enjoy reading novel and also sit and have snacks at the beach side. You can also look forward

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