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7 Ideas to Decorate your Home in Eco-Friendly Way

As we are already aware that due to increasing in population and unwanted human activities our atmosphere has become polluted, which is affecting us and poisoning our body slowly, there is nothing fresh either water or air nothing. Have we ever thought what we will give to our future generations, already we had ruined many things but how will our future generations will able to survive, If we will start from today then only we can see the results in future and have the healthy lifestyle.

Let’s opt Eco-friendly home decor and in this article, we bought seven ideas for Eco-friendly home decor which you can use in terms of accessories and it will completely help you to makeover your decor.

So here are the ideas:

Gift Bags
Since ages we are are wrapping gifts in a colorful plastic material haven’t you got bored from it always with that same trend we are going let us go for something different unique and which will not cause our environment. Yes, plastic gift wrappers harm our environment and they can’t be recycled. Instead of using plastic you can go with paper gift bags, it is really unique and stylish. Paper bags are also available in huge options and you can even express your feelings in words by writing on it and you can give them an emotional touch by making it your own.

Wall hanging Tapestries
You can make it your own by the cloth and bring royalty in your house by adding wall hanging tapestry on your wall. It is the best showpiece and in ancient times it was found in Kings and queens palaces. It is an eye-catching and whatever theme you wish to have you can make it.

Bamboo furniture- Eco-friendly furniture
Furniture is the main part of our decor and it is the main attraction of our drawing room and nowadays people use to keep it in veranda and garden if we talk in clear words so green is the best to get as it is colour of nature and symbol of freshness too and on the other side we would recommend getting the furniture which is made up of Bamboo, as it is better than polished and enameled ones. And Bamboo furniture grows in a very large quantity, they are very comfortable. You can place this on your veranda and drawing room.

Cushion Covers
Use the resources from your home and make trendy cushion covers for your sofas and it would boost your creativity too. Find the cloth or bedsheet and stitch it from the edges. You can stitch colorful and magical clothes and it will be worth.

Dairy – write it in a style!
Dairy writing is really a good habit with time now people have come to Ms word, libra but some people are still comfortable with their pen and paper and dairy is your best friend even you can write anything on it without having the fear that there is anyone who will judge you. But as we know it is only for one time and only expressing our feeling and we want to keep it till ourselves so better to use those diaries which are made up of recycled papers and the cotton use. So this is how we can fulfill our need and will save resources and use them in future.

Candle and candle holders
Mostly on Diwali or on some special occasion we use to decorate our house with candle to bring lights and joy and we had used best candles for it but on this Diwali let’s make our own candles and holder with the waste material which is available in our house wine bottles, wine glasses, or the flat marble pieces,

Mandala Bed Cover
Bed covers are the core part of the bedroom, We always go for the royal and costly bedsheet to have charm and beauty but this time try Mandala bed sheets it will give the traditional and royal touch. Mandala bed covers are the superior and most eye-catching bed sheets and they are made with designs, not with much resources and fabrics.

So in this 2017, we have given you some ideas which are based on eco-friendly decor. So in 2018 let’s have this decor so we would be able to save our resources and gift the bulk to our future generations otherwise this world will come to end before its time and now it is time to save the resources and use limited.