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7 Wall Decor Ideas to Design your Boring Wall Space

Do you want to redecorate your home without breaking your bank? Today, there are more convenient ideas to brighten up and using your blank space with just few steps in minimum cost. While redesigning your home ingeniously, then no one can beat the option to decor your wall. Wall is the center of attraction of any home decor that makes to feel awed to your guest when entering to your home. But, how we can decorate our walls?

A large painting, picture collage and photo frame, these are some quite effective methods that people consider while decorate their wall. We’re here to discuss some intuitive solution for wall decoration, that you must follow to enhance your home decor.

  1. Wallpapers: If you’re looking for an easy and versatile option to achieve a gorgeous bedroom wall, then nothing is better than wallpapers. They can add multiple colors to your wall with stylish way. They available in different patterns. You can select according to your preference. If you’ve rental room and want unique bedroom wall for a short time, then you can also use removal wallpapers.

    Wall Papers

  2. Wall Hangings: Wall Hangings are simple and easy way to design and texture to your blank wall space. Select the large or small wall hangings to decorate your bedroom wall in quick way.

    YArn wall hanging

  3. Photo Collage: Create some collage of some good pictures and hang them on your wall in different patterns. It will makes a bold impact without spending lots of money in decoration.

    photo collage

  4. Wall Art: Try some contemporary and modern wall art to add style to your living space and complement your home’s color palette. There are lots of DIY projects that you found online. You can also try them to show your creativity on wall.

    wall art

  5. Flat Artwork: Painting is widely used option in flat artwork. Apart from painting, there are varieties of style and sizes available to add in your wall decor.
  6. Mirror Work: If you’re looking something functional decor item, then give a chance to mirror. Mirror is the best example of it. It helps to make your bedroom bigger and enhance the home appearance as well. There are more options available in functional decor that you can implement them in your decoration such as clock, wall mount, and accent lightening.


  7. Wall Tapestry and Other Textile Art: For a classic appearance of your home, give it a try to wall tapestries. It can be used as wall hanging, table cloth and bedspread as well. They are available in different color shades and patterns. According to your wall space, select your best matches.

    wall tapestry

Now, we hope these above mentioned ideas are enough to design your blank wall impressively. If you’re looking some online portal to purchase some wall decor objects, then give it a try to Handicrunch. It is an online handicraft store that have wide range of product to decor your home and wall as well. So, renovate your home wall with trendy collection of handicraft products by Handicrunch.