Grass garden inside the keyboard

Enthralling ideas of April Fools’ Day for Family and Friends

April Fools’ Day (April 1st) is in the row. There might be hell lot of mischievous people around you. Ever thought of playing a beautiful prank on those naughty people?

Well, it cannot be said as to from where the April Fool tradition has come up from. But people find it so thrilling to play awesome pranks on their family, friends and co-workers. There are various out-of-the-box ideas by which you can prank people.

Here is the enchanting list of some pranks:

Grass garden inside the keyboard (for colleagues)

Take the keys off from your colleague’s keyboard and just line with damp tissue paper or the kitchen roll. Just plant loads of grass seeds on the top of the tissue paper and just replace all the keys of the keyboard.

This prank will require advance planning in advance 5 days for seeds to grow, so just plan in advance.

Grass garden inside the keyboard

Balloon prank (for office)

For this loads of balloons are required and hold them tightly and film them inside the glass door at the office. It must look like the room is full of balloons and nobody can get in the room.

Balloon prank april fool day

Nasty toffee apple trick (for friends, family)

This awesome prank must be played on foodies. This prank requires planning in advance for its success. Bring some small onions. Peel them off properly such that they gets the shape of the apple. Then carefully insert ice-lolly stick in each onion at the end. Then dip each onion in the melted toffee mix as you do it for toffee apples.
Offer the amazing toffee onion to your foodie friends and family, especially ones who have got sweet tooth, they would not say no to have one.
Just check out their expressions while eating yummy apples (onions) 🙂

Nasty toffee apple trick prank

The soap prank: (for family, friends)

This prank is very easy in planning. Just bring bathing soap bar and apply to its surface perfectly, clear transparent nail polish. Don’t leave any gaps to let water go in. Later dry the soap bar and then replace the soap bar of your friends and family with this April Fools’ soap. And just wait to hear their amazing bathing experience. Wink!

The soap prank
Clock timing savings prank (for family, friends)

Change all the clocks at home or for your friend, so that they read one hour earlier than they should. And when they leave for work, just wave them off for work, without making them realize that they are going 1 hour early to work. And then sit on your couch and laugh, just wait for their angry phone call.

Hahahahaha 😀

Clock timing savings prank

Broken Computer mouse: (For colleagues, friends, family)

You need to get a piece of cello tape and stick at the back of the mouse, so that the sensor light will not be flashed. And when your colleague will turn the mouse, hahahaha 😀

Broken Computer mouse

Office chair air horn (for colleagues)

For playing this prank, you need to fix the air horn with the cellotape nicely when someone will sit on the chair, 😛

april fools prank ideas for office
Air horn behind the door (for colleagues)

Make use of gaffer tape for this prank and just hope for the door to be opened near as many people as possible.

Hahahaha!! 😀

Air horn behind the door


So, these are some pranks for April Fools’ day. Play these pranks safely with friends, family or colleagues. So, it is summer going on. Looking forward to beat the heat?

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Written by: Nikita Tak Content writer @Handicrunch. An avid reader, I have a passion and flair for writing contents on technology, mobile application development. I enjoy writing creative and literary contents and blogs. I love to express my thoughts in form of poetries and stories too and my works have been featured in various books.