Art of Home Decor Using Perfect Curtains and their hanging styles

A home decor will be astonishing if you set the matching theme with the curtains and add some flavours of tapestries to make it more enchanting”

A curtain is a single piece of cloth used for the decorative purpose of the windows and doors. Now-a-days we have so many options of provocative curtains that creates a hunky look to our rooms of the home. Curtains are generally used for hole up the activities going on inside the house from the outsiders. But now people have started taking it in a different way. Don’t worry it is a posituive way only. People use their curtains to complete their home decor. So magentic look we get if we enter a room filled with matchable beds, chairs, sofas, curtains and theme of the room. Your eyes get a winsome look and you feel heavenly. To make your room or your home grand you need to select the appropriate curtains which matches to your theme of the room as curtains are the first element on which our eyes goes on. Then let’s check out the ways in which we can select delightful curtains.

6 Lovely advice to decorate your room with pleasing curtains:

#1 Introduction to the window treatment-

Window curtains can make our room look more taller and wider than how it is in reality. They are very crucial to be hanged from the ceiling so that we can create a broader look of our room. Windows can be ornate either by bamboo blinds or tantalising curtains. Sometimes both together. Set the roman shades below the ceiling in mid of two seductive curtains. This will give a sandwich look of rose between sunflowers. You can rather choose some nature printed curtains, printed wall tapestry , animal printed curtains to match the theme of the room. You can numerous curtains at affordable rates on our online store as well as on other online shopping sites. But our store has the most fascinating curtains to be selected.

mandala wall curtains

#2 Bamboo blinds and their heights-

This is an innovative idea to renovate your room with the bamboo blinds to make your window more broader. These are very cheap and can be used 2 or 3 with each other. You can hang the two bamboo blinds interlinked with long vivan curtains which is 118′ long so that it can increase the softness and height of the window. This helps you room to look more big than it is. You can target mainly on the textiles or the fabrics used for the window decor. It it is very shining then it will glow in the night and you can add some lights on the both side curtains which will be stable throught the day and night but the bamboo blind snagged at the walmart will be suppressing your life of home.

#3 Types of rods suitable for the graceful curtains-

Usually we prefer long rods with the finials for the curtains. We can either hang the curtains by fixing the curtains top over the ceiling or we can stitch it with the rod by leaving a cylindrical shape at the top of the curtain so that it can get fixed. If you have three consecutive windows then better use the bay window curtain rod or remove the finials of the rod and attach the three rods. The best idea would be add the window panels to make the window more charming. A silent and decent room can become more live with the help of appropriate curtains.

mandala curatins

#4 A balanced proportion of the room with curtains-

It’s not necessary to hang the curtains from the top of the ceiling. It looks like a busy rooom. To make the room look lighter you need to hang the curtains 6′ above the rod so that it looks spacious and there is some lightness feel in the room. Your bedroom should be as light as a baloon. Then only you can get relaxed in such type of enviornment. This is the secret of a beauteous and appealing room that it doesn’t have any buiness. Make sure that the window panels are in the correct place else it will create an odd look to the room. Have a long length floor touching curtains in the room and fix it with some space from the ceiling to maintain the balance between the lightness and heaviness.

#5 Colours that suits your windows and rooms-

Mostly, white colour is the favourite among the mothers as they believe that it can be recovered as soon as possible. They won’t get shrink once it is washed. All of us have a habit of washing our curtains or bed sheets once in a while. For white coloured dresses we have so many chemicals used to prevent it from loosing the spark and crispy behaviour. Especially, when you have kids or puppies at your home you can prefer white coloured curtains as it is easily washable and can be used on every theme of the room. It doesn’t absorbs heat that much so it keeps your room cool as well. Some of the IKEA curtains are supposed to be washed before hanging on the window. White coloured curtains suits with the bamboo slides much so don’t miss this setting of your room.

#6 Colour combination and accessories-

Everything’s that looks beautiful is made by many matching elements. Likewise your colour combination of the rod and the curtains should be extravagant. If you have white coloured curtains then choose dark brown or chocolatey colour long rods. You can select the wall hanging which is in the same colour to the rod of the curtains. The beautiful view from you room will not get withhold with the light coloured glowing curtains. If you desire a brawny look of the room then look for the bamboo blinds or the window slides which can either be open or be closed. This can make sense in your dining room or kitchen.

Final touch-up:

Curtains plays a major role in our home decor so please choose it wisely and precisely. Every room can be decorated with different styles curtains as it is not at all necessary that every room should be consisting the running curtains. Some can have bamboo blinds, some can have tapestry wall hanging, window slides , some can have both, some can have asymmetrical running curtains. Every room has it’s own requirements it’s just to understand it properly. Have a stupendous selection.