Bed Covers

Best Tips For Choosing the Beautiful Bed Covers

Do you want to give an amazing look to your bedroom?

Of our life, we spend about 1/3rd part in sleeping, so it is must to invest money for bedroom for the creativity that stands the test of time. In our sweet home, bedroom is the place, where we relax ourselves after work.

Are you all set to try out for beautiful bed covers?

You have varieties of designer bed covers to choose from. The designer bed covers looks pretty charming.

Below are some useful tips that will help you to find the best bed covers for your home.

Thread Count: You might hear about the higher the thread count, the more comfortable the sheet. Bed Sheet are Comfortable those are 100% Cotton and not 1000 thread counts. If your looking for more affordable option than polyester/percale is the best.

Decide on the Materials: These is your personal choice to select the material for your bed covers. Most commonly sheets of cotton-poplin if you want something light . you can also select cotton, which is soft and breathable and keep you warn in cold season and cool during summer. Linen most popular choice of people during summer. High quality linen which is softer and washable.

Make sure you got the right fit: Fitting is also important factor when you choose your bed covers. If not you might buy something that is too small or too big. If your mattress size is 38 x 75″, you need Twin Sheets. For 38 x 80″, Twin XL Sheets; 53 x 75″, Full (Double) Sheets; 60 x 80″, Kantha Sheets; 78 x 80″, handmade Sheets and 72 x 84″ for floral bed-sheets.

Choose prints or plains: Choosing bed sheet is printed or plain is also important factor to increase you bedroom decoration. If you have printed pillow than go for plain bed sheet cover. If your motive is color blocking then printed would look lovely too. Get bed sheet with more design and prints on them suits your taste.

Add trendy bedding accessories: Choosing simple bed cover be a good idea because you can accessorize with it decorative pillow, pot, marbles, wooden handicraft, duvet covers and try getting trendy yet inexpensive pillow cover to add royal look to your bedrooms.

Interior Design: Color of Bed-Cover is the main factor of interior design of your bedroom. There are many concept to select bed covers, cushion cover, pots and these are depends on your room paint and interior of your home. The variants are made from variation in materials and colors of your bed room.

So, if you are in search of amazing bed covers that will change the look of your bedroom, then here are the tips for choosing the most lovely bed-covers:

Ajrakh Print Fine Stitch Kantha Bed-cover: Ajrakh Print Fine Stitch Kantha Bed-cover made up of 100% cotton. This artistic is piece of our artisan using traditional kantha work .These are made by two layer of cotton which have been together by stitching colorful threads . These bed cover are very soft and comfy .

Floral Kantha Bed-cover: Floral Kantha bed-cover made using old saris and cloth and layer them with kantha stitch to make lighter bed covers. Animals birds and flower and Geometrical shapes printed and many more designs.

Hand Block Print Bed-cover: Handicrunch present Indian handicraft designer hand block printed product. Hand block printed bed cover is the work of India’s experienced craft man. Beautiful handmade cover bed added value to your decoration.

Printed Quilts: The Vibrant color echo making your bed the beautiful centerpiece of your room. Because this quilt is made from cotton, it is complete machine washable, meaning that you do not have to sacrifice convenience for style.

Conclusion: So, bedroom is the best place where you relax after long day work and one keeps all worries away. Therefore, your bedroom must be pretty charming in looks with elegant and breathtaking bed covers. Handicrunch offers you the best in class variety of bed covers to choose from, which will add a different charm to your bedroom.