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Blue and White Farmhouse Bedroom Decoration | Handicrunch

We do not have much budget but still we are able to transform the bedroom into a mature grown-up space that is serene and restful. This one-day makeover was achieved simply by rearranging the furniture, adding new pillows, and by borrowing a few accessories from other rooms in the house.

What we need to do. Just started by moving the bed in front of the windows, which made the bedroom look more spacious and created a strong focal point. We kept all of the existing bedding and simply replaced the colorful purple duvet with a large white throw we bought at Handicruch. Adding cushions with earthy colors, combined with a Buddha and greenery, helped create a peaceful resting space. Our night table was hiding beside the bed, now it draws attention and provides the perfect surface on which to display accessories and a table lamp. As for the walls, we switched the purple and white flower artwork for a more abstract piece that ties in nicely with the colors from the throw pillows.

We borrowed a nesting table from the living room and draped it with a sheepskin to add softness and warmth to the room and also brought in tall faux spring blooming branches to add height to the space. The bright green decorative stool ties in nicely and introduce a pop of color to the room with the bohemian-inspired cushion cover. We moved the brown leather bench to the foot of the bed to break up the white-on-white bedding and to create the perfect catch-all to throw clothes on at the end of a long day.

Adding a touch of blue

Adding a touch of blue in the room as we did with the lampshade, vase, and bed frame breaks up the neutral color palette and gives the space a touch of elegance.

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The walls in blue behind the massive headboard give this room a slight vintage look but glam feel. Even though one wall is painted very dark, the room still remains very bright. This is because of the large windows, the mirror on the dresser door and the light color used for the bed sheets. Design tip: Contrast provides an interesting visual appeal, but you have to be sure to offset the dark walls with plenty of light or bright colors.

Bookshelf in Bedroom

A small but cozy and the bookshelf behind the bed gives it a sense of height. We use an interesting mix of modern and antique styles such as the gilded frame surrounded by Christmas lights and the locker at the foot of the bed for storage.

This room is full of vibrant colors that extend from the bed to the walls. The wall tapestry is such an important part of the decor here, it compliments the dresser and the bed sheets. There is a consistent theme and use of color but the colors aren’t overdone. Seems almost comforting.

Adding a touch of White

An off white bedroom can appeal to any generation quite well. The height of the room adds to its grandeur. White brick walls have always been a favourite of mine and tend to remind me of a hotel in Nainital. Home Decor in case of the bedroom is subdued and relaxing, even the disco-ball styled lamp is off white which prevents if from standing out too much. Even though this room is is all white, the artwork and its colors really bring it to life. You can use the colors in your artwork as a guide to bring in other accessories with similar colors, such as pillows, lamps and in this case a turquoise dresser.

For the Bedding

For the bedding, I started with a crisp white duvet cover and white sheets with blue patterned accents. The bed is a vintage four poster I found on a trip to the Cape and the perfect addition to a farmhouse bedroom. Down comforters, feather pillows, white shams, buffalo check pillows and tiny white pillows with pompom trim finish out the bed in style. One of my favourite additions to the room is this blue and white plaid throw for added warmth and comfort on cool, chilly fall nights.

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Summing up:

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