How to Celebrate this New Year Eve at Home?

So, it is the last day of the year, surely you must be having a lot of plans for the new year. After all why not? It is a time to welcome 2018, a new year in our lives with joy and happiness, so this year bring a lot of happiness and joy in our lives. You all must be having plans for the new year eve after all this occasion is meant to be celebrate as on this eve is really count as a special eve and we say goodbye and thanks to 2017 and welcome 2018 in our lives as it will bring happiness and joy to our lives we welcome with full warmth. We know the specialty of this day, so here we are with the several ideas by which you can make your evening memorial.

So still, if you haven’t plan your eve so here the unique ways to celebrate it:


Cook an elaborate meal

So you can prepare an elaborate menu and invite your friends to cook the dishes. It will be really fun for you can cook yourself and serve on new year guests it would be something different but do this if you like to cook. If you like cooking so it’s the best thing that through it you can welcome this year.

Host a wine tasting

This will be the best gift for your guests. You can invite sommelier/a local wine expert to taste the wine to your friends along with this layout some fruits, crackers snacks etc. It will be a totally unique experience for your guests. If you don’t want to go with wine so you can do the same with chocolates, cheese, sandwiches etc.

Speciality from different states

You can also tell your friends to bring each dish of their culture like in West Bengal fish and rasgulla are famous so force Bengalis to bring it Sindhis community dal pakwan is popular worldwide so this is how you can taste the varieties of dishes and there will be a not a burden on a particular person. Each dish has its own specialty. India is famous for its diversity so why not take its advantage? It will great get together too.


On new year eve, you can decorate your home and why you should leave your decor? You can spend your time while decorating your home with different trends in 2018, tapestries are going to be in high trend. It will be the perfect accessory for your walls so on this new year replace clocks, showpieces from your wall and place the beautiful and unique wall tapestries, you can opt for any type of tapestries it could be printed, colourful etc. let’s tell you tapestries are not trending only in India in fact they are weaving its magic in all around the world. Foreign citizens are crazy behind it. By placing the tapestries you can get the view of painting also or you can also use tapestries in different forms. It is a royal treatment and this is the style which was placed in King’s and queen’s palaces.

Tapestry wall hanging

Don’t forget to pay the attention to the cushion covers as it marks a special effect on your decor. It can make your space and it can go with the theme. It will add charm to your decor. Cushion covers are also of many types. You can go with the traditional, modern styles. ! Through this new year makes your house attracting and stylish, so your guests also get some ideas and you will be the trending topic of 2018 as a fashion icon.

Home Movies and Popcorn

This is the simple type of celebrating the eve you can sit with your family and friends with popcorn and transfer all the memorable moments in the hard drive and play it in a drawing room as it will win all of them hearts and everyone can remind the memories as time is the thing which couldn’t come back but everyone will love to go in those moments it will give an emotional touch as well as you can spend some time with your close ones and make them feel special.

Game Tournament

Housie, ludo are the parts of the parties for years. Especially on new year eve, a time use to keep for the games and people love to play the games now it can be any game like cards, house etc. It is a best refreshment and best way to bring smiles to people’s face. Game tournaments are the excellent way to refresh your mind and have some quality time with your close ones. On the other hand, if you don’t want to go to the parties so you can call for the gang and play with them and refresh your mind. For the card lovers by playing cards is a perfect start for the new eve.

Pajama Dance Party

IN this modern era, youth remove their frustration through dancing, Dance is a perfect refreshment and who doesn’t like dance? SO just call your friends and wear comfortable pajamas and have a good collection of party songs and dance without any fear and welcome the new year in a unique way.  

Overnight Hotel Stay

Everyone likes to stay in the hotels it is important for some change also, so take your kids and family along with you and go for a small trip. Plan your weekend go for spa shopping explore nearby places and spend a day in a hotel and relax yourself far away from the hustle bustle lives. Relaxation is really important and it is needed and hotels make you feel special and provide you the comfort.

So, friends here we gave you different ideas to celebrate new year eve now plan it out according to your choice and mark your new year remarkable and enjoy yourself!

Handicrunch and its team wish you a very happy new year and this year 2018 will bring a lot of happiness and joy to your lives.