change interior decor with Indian handicrafts

Change your Interior Decor with Indian Handicrafts

Interior decor is special in itself and it adds beauty and charm to your home. It is essential for your lifestyle and those days were different when you use to leave your home with different furniture items. This era is different your home and its every place should speak for itself. In fact with type of interior decorations has become so wide that now different decoration has different categories. You can go with western as well as Indian.

Indian handicrafts play an important role in the home decor. It adds Indian style to any home and brings you closer to your culture, Indian have the unique and artistic choice. If you want to give your decor an Indian look, so in this article, we bought several ideas to you. This time decorate your home with Indian Handicrafts.

It is a must element for your house you have to bring it for your sofas. It is the perfect way rather than going with a simple upholstery go with the Indian one. Opt with different mind textures and color schemes. Indian prints and patterns, or embroideries on fabrics. Paisleys (ambi) or warli print adds charm to the decor. With it, you can add fusion look to your decor.

Wall Art:
In ancient times people use to go with the single watch on the walls, but with time there are various options like murals, wallpaper, stickers, carved jharokas, wall hanging tapestries and so on. You can find different options to decor your room and to give charming effect to your decor. You can place plant also to give a Indian touch.

Paintings and Sculptures:
Indian painting has already marked its place the traditional paintings in your space, it will give the touch of royalty and beauty. You can even opt for the bold statement artefact in your living room, like a sculpture, or a showpiece.You can go with some trendy effects like the man in Hukka in his hand, lady in a red dupatta or something unique which will attract the viewers. You can even include an old piece from your grandparent’s collection to give a vintage touch.

While home decor accessories are the main item of the house, we opt for different items to add charm to our space. Indian Accessories include earthen pots, hookahs, carved or hand-painted vases, carved wooden panels, idols of Indian deities, silverware, etc.


It’s a good idea to go with your culture and add something vintage, instead of placing the different furniture you can place Indian furniture. For example, have a Rajasthani cabinet placed in your dining room or by the bedside, or have a carved stool near your contemporary sofa set. Traditional Gujarati jhula can add a point to your furniture.

Lights are the most imperative part of the home you can’t change light but you can add beautiful Indian style print lamps to your decor in a wonderful way. Indian lampshades can be the best choice for your decor. It would be something creative to add the way as you liked in the old house it will be great inspiration for you, maybe it can be an old haveli or your old grandparent’s house.

Rugs and Cushions:
Indian rugs and cushions are considered as the best art of India and even it is appreciated by all over the world. Rugs and cushions are enough to give the best look, once can go with the simple furniture and Indian Rugs and cushions,  it will add everything to it and will give a stunning touch to the decor.

You can place special Antiques to your decor like Antique statues, antique doors and window panels it is not only touched with history. In fact, it gives you the touch of history and will also bring the effect of richness and beauty. It adds the vintage touch to your decor.

Curtains play the important role in the decor, it gives the best touch and warmth to your space. It has the ability to make your decor and it adds a high efficiency. One can go with silk, velvet, or georgette. Indian prints with plain curtains like mandala curtains enrich the entire experience. If you do choose blinds, go for Indian patterns on the fabric

False Ceiling:
This is a great way to add design to dwell upon but in this you need professionals. With the help of modern interior, you can opt for bold and take help of your interior designers.  it can be done with carvings or paintings.

In this article, we have mentioned how you can give Indian look to your home. So this time gets close to your decor and opt for something which brings you closer to your culture so, just go with these amazing ideas and make your concept different and traditional.