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How to Choose your Handbag – A Guide for Every Women

Handbags completes a women in a party, it is a best accessory of women. A perfect handbag brings grace and completeness in women’s outfit. They are the vital compatible for the women. There are various types of handbags available in the market and in wide quantity there are different kinds of handbags and might get confuse you should opt for? If any store wish to mark their presence in fashion world so there main focus is handbags as they know it is a vital part of the fashion world and designer and unique handbags are the pride of women. It is an unique accessory that every women should have it and not only for the parties in fact for their daily use and it is demand of the wardrobe.

But let us tell you don’t go crazy behind the bags, as price also matters a lot. Don’t go for the heavy prices or the price which you can’t afford. Often, handbags aren’t ergonomic or very functional even if they look nice sometimes the bags are the ugliest. Every hand bag is unique and beautiful but the thing is how it looks on you.

In this article, we bought some ideas for you which you can keep in your mind and purchase your bag which will suits on your personality:

Style and Purpose
When you will go to purchase the handbag so it should be clear for what occasion you want to carry it? What outfit you will worn with it? You want a bag for daily use or only to hang out with your friend so you should carry lightweight cross-body bag rather than a leather satchel with short handles. If you are looking for the office or work so you should go for a classic choice with shoulder bags so you can easily carry tablet or paper work things.

Body Type
It is really important that handbag should fit you on your body. It should be proportionate. If you are short or petite women appear taller with small handbags and shorter with large handbags and in case of taller and slim women appear larger with small handbags and look best with midsize, large and oversized styles. So basically the shape of handbags should be opposite of the person’s body shape. Shorter women look taller while carrying a long rectangular handbag, where as Slim and tall women should carry a round handbag.

Always keep in mind that short handbags make busts appear larger, so choose styles with longer straps to grab the attention. Most women prefer handbags that hang to the mid-torso and it looks amazing. Handbags also add charm to your body, if you have a pear-shaped or triangle type body then satchel handbag that falls between your waist and your hips could make your top area seem larger and will balance out your figure. On rectangle body type (shoulders, waist, and hips about the same width), a hobo or shoulder bag that falls at your waist could add slight curves.

So, before buying a bag always check it in a mirror how it looks on you.

Quality and Crappy Handbags
Everyone has there choices and everyone wishes to buy for their desire. There are two types of bags in the market quality bags and crappy bags. Quality bags have quality in them and it is made by expensive material whereas crappy bags are made up of low quality materials. So its upon you which bag you need according to your budget we are giving you some signs of both the bags.

Signs of Crappy handbags
Unreasonable heavy: Bags which are unnecessary high weighted due to the material used in it can lead to you to a shoulder and back pain

Useless Pockets or too many sections: Don’t go for it because so many pocket and large pockets can irritate you at a time as your stuff can be lost and you can’t find it when you will be in need of it.

Poor straps: Again and again if you adjust your straps so you will get irritate at one time Straps should be flexible and adjustable whereas avoid pencil thin; they’ll cut into your shoulders more and aren’t ergonomic.

Low-quality materials: Quality material shine differently, if in case we see in leather so it should be soft and buttery it should be like plastic types. And in case of fabric and canvas so it should be thin.

Signs of Quality Bag:
Stitching: It should have proper stitching it should not be like it is losing the threading. If it is printed so bag should go with the pattern.

Quality zippers and other hardware: It should have smooth zippers, opening and closing should be easy. Have a check on other characteristics also like buttons and all.

Connections for the straps: Stay away with the bags aren’t stitched along the edges of the straps and that are only glued, because those handles can break easily.

Mandala Handbags:
These mandala handbags are winning the hearts since ages, it is a trend of India. It has never outdated. They are made up of the best material and by the skilled persons. Mandala bags are simple but they will always win your hearts and make you star of the evening.

mandala handbagsSo we told you how to select the good bag and we hope next time if you will go for shopping so you will keep these points in your mind that will lead you to the best bags.