tapestry curtains

How to Choose a Perfect Tapestry Curtain?

Tapestries play a vital role in the home decor, they are the part of human culture since years. It is the best way to decor your house in an easy way. In ancient times tapestries were seen as a decor for the king’s and queen’s palaces. Tapestries add a charm and grace to your decor as well as it brings the traditional look. It is the best accessory for the decor of the home. Tapestries are available in the various size, shapes and colors, patterns, and depictions. Tapestries is a sign of royalty and through them, you can bring charm to your decor. The process of making the tapestries are not at all easy, they need a lot of skill and practice and for the best tapestries, you need an artisan. As this is a skill which artists get from for their forefathers, and it requires a lot of practice and experience. You can also go for the hippie curtains that feature nature scenes, animal scenes, modern geometric prints or even just basic, simple floral patterns.

But only bringing the curtains are not enough, you have to go with it through your mind and then you to decide you have to focus on three important things through which you can make and change your space in the best way.

So, here are three important things on which you have to focus:

Where should you use Mandala curtains?
Tapestries can be fitted in any room and it will bring charm to your decor. There wouldn’t be a single room where you can’t place the tapestry. But if you will place the Mandala tapestries these tend to be larger it will give a flawless and well planned and its visual will be appealing. For the surface decor, it will be the best choice and it will completely change the look and feel of the room.

How to Hang Tapestry Curtains?
As you will order the tapestry it will come along with the instructions. Many people prefer the decor to hanging part should be invisible but it totally depends on which type of tapestry you have chosen it may hang from a rod that is similar to a curtain either using fabric loops or curtain hooks.

Cost of Tapestry
The cost of the tapestry is very efficient it is not expensive and whereas it has been seen that you should expect to pay anywhere from as little as $50 to upwards of several thousand dollars or more. Now it depends on where you are purchasing it from the stores or wall decor stores. Mandala curtains are the best choice and they are best in the price whereas hippie is more expensive.

So, if you are looking for the best tapestries with these three aspects including in a perfect price so opt for the best leading Indian Handicrafts where we make tapestries with our hearts and by our skills where artists get a chance to show their skills and we create a platform for them. So for best tapestries in varied of shape, size and color opt for the best Indian handicrafts and that is Handicrunch.