Christmas Decoration Ideas and Trends 2017

So it’s the month of December which itself means a month of celebration, from this word only we can clarify that it is month of new decor, celebration as in this month there is an occasion of Christmas, yes we are talking about 25th December when children use to get excited about the Santa it is believed on the day Jesus was born and Santa use to bring the gifts, people use to celebrate his birthday with full of joy and happiness. So why we should leave our home with the oldish decoration let’s make it happening and enjoy the festival.

Here are some ways through which you can decorate your home in a brilliant way:

This style is the lifestyle of 17 and 18 century, people use to follow the colorful, metals and neutral style. Whereas in simple words Bohemian style is a collection of a lot of different styles. This style follows the free spirit, nature, and open mind. So this Christmas you can go with the Bohemian Christmas tree. Try to decor your tree with metals, colors and neutrals even with hard and soft elements. In this style, you have to be free with your decorations don’t think so much about the style, go with different and unique color and one more tip decorate your table with colorful items like colorful table cover, surround it by the different elements etc. You can wrap the gifts in colorful packets and surprise them with Bohemian style gift wrappers like in a patterned paper or natural fabrics such as calico or hessian, using lace or twine to tie it up or to add name tags. It will be superior and unique.

Colourful Decor
This decor is same as Bohemian decor, If you are a color lover so this occasion is for you, in present era everyone is attracted by the colorful trend when you decorate your tree to go for the color explosion, you should add colourful tinsel, baubles, and multi-colored Christmas lights. Along with this, you can go with pom wreaths, baubles, snowflakes hang them. For table decor, you can go with a tie-dyed table runner or you can also use plain plates if you don’t want to make it so much bright so you can go with nature that means bring greenery and plants on the table. You can go with gift wrappers colorful gift wrappers and gift it to your guest. As colors always win the hearts, you can go for ribbons, frills tags etc.

White Christmas
White Christmas is where all Christmas lovers dream about, It would be traditional too. It is made up of fake snow and snowflakes. Start with the tree and slowly come to the white decor add some white glass, white baubles and white patterns. Tie some feather garlands. You can bring some natural objects and textures like pine cones. Along with this, you can add some glitter to add shine and some fairy lights will make your decor and will give a winter touch. The table setting could be of white candles and gold or silver cutlery dinnerware with white baubles and foliage for the centerpieces. And for totally white Christmas you can wrap the gift in white gift papers and don’t forget white is a color of peace and simplicity. Add some natural elements to add some interest to the presents.

You can go with the tradition like Indian, Mexican, Oriental, etc.
In Indian, you can go with bright decorations such as red, vibrant orange lapis lazuli blues with golden details and intricate patterns. Along with this you can decorate your room in the same way and can opt for the large paper streamers, pattern cushion covers, wall tapestries on the walls will add a complementary to your decor. At the end, you can go with golden tea light holders or golden elephants to place in our rooms. You can play with the colorful decor of the table, you can go for bold dinner patterns, Place oranges among the centerpieces, have gold cutlery and golden edge plates or glasses. Don’t be scared to show off your luxurious side.For the gifts try using gift wrappers golden accents and with ribbon and pattern.

Another way to decorate your house is with Mexico, Spanish and Mexican textiles are different and unique, These trends are becoming popular across the globe. In this decor you can add colorful roses, cacti shaped baubles, miniature pińatas, sugar skulls, llamas with these elements, you can decorate your tree with it. You can add vibrant colors to your decor orange, pink-red, blue. You can use different colors for the table, your alternative Christmas tree can be made, Add a mixture of normal and colorful fairy lights to complete the look. For the table, you can add colorful napkins to get the theme touched. For gifting wrapper, you can add fun and quirky wrapping paper, tie the gift with vibrant silk scarves and ribbons.

Here are some ideas to decorate your home in a different style, so go with these unique styles. And add joy and happiness on this Christmas.