Creative Ways to use Your Mandala Tapestry Inside Home & at the Beach

Mandala tapestries are an essential ingredient of your home’s Bohemian decor. However, their use is not just restricted to home decor, they also double up as a beach throw, picnic blanket besides being a beautiful addition to your bedroom decor.

Whenever we talk about home decor, we always look for options that are not only great to look at but also very comfortable to maintain. Once such option for home decor is Indian Mandala round tapestry. These beautiful cotton tapestries come up multipurpose usages, which blend magnificently with the hippie and gypsy feel. You can make multiple use of tapestry as a table cloth or couch cover or window curtains or wall hangings or dorm bedding throws to get desirable interiors. You can even use them as Mandala beach towels, yoga exercise mats or beach blankets when you are out.

#1. Wall Hanging

Mandala tapestry brightens up your room and gives it a Bohemian flair. Pair it with decorative lights to allow the colors of the tapestry to really shine through. These tapestries go well both behind your living room couch as well as behind your bed. If you feel like a blank wall is an anathema, then let it hold art by putting up a Bohemian wall hanging. Often made from the finest materials, Bohemian wall tapestry is usually soft. It’s layered with artisanal patterns that are known for being unique. To make it stand out, you can make use of textural contrast. For example, you can add a patterned rug, Tiffany lamp, and antique brass to create an eclectic element. When putting Mandala Tapestry with other patterns, make sure that they interact with each other and not create a chaotic feel.


#2. Mandala Bed Sheets

KraftDirect’s Mandala tapestry are made from organic cotton with a thread count of 1600 and make excellent bed sheets. They add a boho touch to the bedroom. Breaking the banal and the overstated style of decor, using the designed tapestry as Mandala bedding will be a new transformation for the bedrooms. Getting that extra ethnic touch to the home is somewhat different. The large mandala bedspreads for the double bed will display the best of the art.

Simply lay a bedspread to lend new life to your room. Choose the colors of the mandala tapestry that suits best to the room furnishings and the color of the walls.

#3. A Tapestry as Bed Canopy

I can give you a brilliant idea that has come to my mind. Just thought of using the tapestry as a canopy. The kids bedroom in the house has twin beds. To make it cozy and give the child some privacy, the tapestry canopy is a fantastic idea. The aesthetic designs and craft made the room look cozy, giving some quiet retreat. Sleeping under the canopy provides a king-like treatment, improving the overall experience.

#4. Mandala Beach Throws

Mandala roundies are the perfect addition to your beach bag. Take them out and spread them over the sand and get set for your rejuvenating beach vacation.

Comfort that is what all people want. If you’re on the beach, you probably want to relax. However, you can only achieve full relaxation when you’re comfortable where you’re lying on. With Indian mandala tapestry, you’re sure to have a soft beach sheet that will allow you to rest the way you want to.

#5. Mandala Duvet Covers with Pillow Shams

Mandala tapestries are also available in Duvet sizes which paired with matching pillow shams give a Celtic look to your bedroom.

#6. Mandala Beach covers

Mandala tapestry can also be used as a unique beach cover up. The soft organic cotton feels wonderful against your sun touched skin.

You will never get tired of the traditional mandala design. It has a bright color, diverse, unique lines and curves that form patterns, and a shape that will make it stand out. A beach mandala blanket emits the same amount of fun energy as the beach itself. So, when you’re lying down and want to bask in the exciting beach moment, the mandala beach throws can still be a good companion.

Don’t let the chance pass you by. Go to the beach, bring along a good round mandala tapestry, and have the best summer!

The Final Thought:

I believe you got an idea that a Mandala tapestry can be used in multiple creative ways to enhance the beauty of your home decor. Now you can think to transform your bedroom wall with easy and large tapestry wall hanging. It doesn’t add colors to the wall but also magnify the look.