How to Decorate a House in Indian Traditional Style

While the entire world is busy getting contemporary decor to their home, how can we forget our rich heritage and decor, heritage bestowing your home a cozy and warm effect? No doubt the home designs and patterns have changed with the modern times, but you can give the attractive look to your house by using the Indian traditional style. The Indian interior design style has always remained to be brilliant and unique.

This has been clearly seen in much ancient architecture brilliance elegantly standing at each corner of India, at present situation, the uniqueness can be clearly seen in interior designs of the Indian houses. You can go with an Indian style interior design, which is considered as a budget-friendly decor style. If you want to add an Indian traditional look to your space, then this article will help you. Below we share top 8 Ways to Decorate a House in Indian Traditional Style.

8 ways to Decorate a House in Indian Traditional Style

1. Solid wooden furniture:-

Furniture is an important part to Decorate a House in Indian Traditional Style. You can use traditional pieces with curved armrest and legs carvings and inlay work in metal or ivory for an exclusive look. Use a wooden chest, footstools, bird cages, etc and these will also improve your house beauty.

2. Vibrant Colors:-

Colors play a very important role in our house decoration, you can use a bright color to give the attractive look in your home, go with some colors like- ochre yellows, rich browns and burnt oranges for your walls and roof. You can also opt for a safe bicolor theme, using a neutral shade as a base color.

3. Wall Hanging Tapestry:-

You can use a wall hanging a tapestry in your house, if you want to give the more traditional look to your house you can go with Indian wall hanging tapestry, hippie tapestry, tribal tapestry, spiritual tapestry, star tapestry, etc. These tapestries you can easily buy online store.

4. Portrait:-

A portrait is among one of the best home decor items as it displays the art and attracts artisans towards it. If you are a portrait lover, then you don’t need any exhibition to display your portrait, you only need to hang them on your own walls and it is a wonderful way to ‘Decorate a House in Indian Traditional Style’. You can hang the portrait which you prefer to hang.

5. Handspun Fabrics: –

India is historically famous for its handmade fabrics. Use of fabrics is also a great way to decorate a house in Indian traditional style. You can use handspun fabrics in creative ways like- upholstering your centerpieces or for your cushions, smaller foot stools etc.

6. Traditional Mandala Curtains:-

Curtains are playing a very vital role in your home decoration. If you are a tradition lover then you can use traditional curtains to decorate your house like- cotton flower mandala curtains, ombre Diya Bati mandala curtains, cotton flower curtains, etc.

7. Swing:-

Swing is popular since the 80’s, you can place it anywhere in the house whether on the balcony or garden. You can take a fresh breathe while sitting on it or can read novel etc. It adds a charm to your house as well as it brings the Indian traditional decor to your style.

8. Statue:-

If you have a wide space so you can place the statues of your idol or of whom you want to. It’s a world of customization, you can order and make the statue as you want. If you are a spiritual believer so you can go with your lord statue and most people opt for Ganesha and Buddha statues,  and it will give a touch of Indian spirituality.


If you want to decorate your house, then you can go for the Indian traditional style, Indian traditional decor is known for simplicity and it adds charm and royalty to your decor. Along with this, the festive season is around, so from above points opt for the home decor ideas which adds uniqueness and beauty to your interior. If you are looking for the home decor items, so visit Handicrunch as we bring the best artisan work for your decor from the villages of India.