How To Decorate Home With Kantha Designs

Though decorating a home is not an easy task, but sometimes it becomes slightly easy if we sample out the right bed and cushion covers. It can have a huge impression on your home decor. They come in all different shapes and sizes, colors, patterns and fabrics. You can change them with the seasons, or with your moods, and they have been a fabulous way to splash a bit of color, style and personality around any room in the house. They can be as effective as a piece of artwork and should be treated with the same respect. If selected carefully, they can be the centerpiece of a room as they can complement all the elements in the room and create a harmonious and stylish look.

Be Informed About Existing Color Combination

Considering your color palette is an important first step in choosing your cushion covers. Identifying the 2 or 3 predominant colours already present in your room will allow you to carry these through to your collection and help create some cohesion. The printed cushion covers you select need only one of these colors within them, but you can certainly combine more. If this proves difficult, or if you have too much going on in your room already, then a monochrome collection might work best for you. Simple black and whites can help accentuate other feature pieces you have or help tone down a busy room. Alternatively, you can add pops of colour, such as pinks or oranges, on top of your monochrome collection using additional accent cushion covers. This provides flexibility as you can completely change your colour scheme simply by changing your accent cushions.

Kantha Cover

These Kantha pillow cover and bed cover comes in different handmade varieties. You can add some floral inspiration to your décor with these beautifully designed Kantha flower cushions! Colours inspired by the spring create a refreshing atmosphere to any room you decide to put them in. The detailed cut work patterns are show-stoppers designed to give the illusion that your creativity has bloomed real square pattern that are as big as your ideas. Try including these cushions in your living room. They will look fantastic on white sofas.

Floral Kantha Bed Cover

This beautiful flower design Kantha bed cover is made 100% cotton and natural vegetable colors. These bed covers are made by our craftsman in India. You can find these at the Handicrunch online store in different designs.

Same goes with Tropical Kantha bed covers and Bird Print Kantha Bed Cover. 100% cotton made screen printed and intricate design radiant shades of vibrant colour.

Printed Quilts

The Colors bring life to home decor. It removes the seriousness of your rooms and makes it joyful. Allow your cushions to do the talking with the colorful printed quilts or quilt cover. Not only do they add fun colour to your rooms, but they can be used as attention-grabbing cushions that will fill your rooms with different colors. If you believe in adding different colours your home, then color print cushion cover, multicolor cushion cover and colorful box print cushion cover, all these would be perfect for get-together-ears with your friends at your house. The floral quilt is a perfect wedding gift. It gives a boho look to your dream bedroom.

Pom Pom Cushion Cover

A serious beauty lover knows very well how to decorate living room or a bedroom with these colourful pom pom cushions. If we had to pick our favourite, it would have to be colourful birds and flower on the pom pom cushion cover. Alternating colours of black and green with accompanying leaf strokes will put any of your guests in a good mood to suddenly start dancing. Yes, even your grandparents will enjoy. Incorporating these cushions into your décor when you are hosting a party at your place while you give, you the added boost of an exciting environment that people will be dying to come back to.

The Final Words:

I am sure that after going through the above description you would look to buy Kantha covers and quilts online. Handicruch offers a huge range of Kantha bedcocers and pillow covers. To order online visit our website: