Different Uses of Hanging Tapestries at Your Home

We can create that spark or magic which is being created by the lavish and extravagant items kept in the room, through our magnificent imagination”

If you have any idea about the word tapestry, then this article is going to surprise you with its different forms and uses for your home decoration. Tapestry is a beautiful artistic thing used in the innovation of the house. The most inspiring thing about tapestry is that it never lets the tradition down. It creates an overlook of the historic ornamentation. It makes your architecture more dashing and good- looking. So hold on your curiosity to learn more about the tapestries. A home should be having a designable look as it is your own home. We always think about our good looks, but least bothered about our surroundings. Ok, let’s leave the surroundings let’ catch up on our beautiful and enormous homes.

We build up our home with all of our savings and hard work and after all our hard earned money and broad efforts do we get 100% satisfaction with the interiors? No right, well it happens because we only get satisfied with the shelter and leave the decorative and important part of our home. It is difficult to innovate your home while construction as you never know what all you can need to make yourself comfortable in your home. So never be in hurry to decorate your home in the beginning itself. Once your home is complete live simple and figure out what all things would be needed to make any place of your home look more stupendous.

For example, if you buy a tapestry for dinning table to use it as a hanging tapestry in your kitchen then no match right!! So guys make a proper and right decision regarding the items according to their matching places. We can use large wall tapestry in our living room as we have our hall or living room built of large walls to make our home look larger.

8 Ways -how to hang your tapestry at your home:

#1 Hanging tapestry in our living rooms

We can hang our tapestry in our hall over the rod in the casing. We can fix the rod anywhere suitable in the hall or drawing room. We have nails to make the tapestry stand for a long time. We can have the rod above the table consisting of the essential things of our daily use. If we are a bit afraid of the fall of the tapestry because of its heavy fabric, then we can sew the tapestry in accordance to the rod and leave the middle part of the sew so that it can be easily fitted inside the rod. Whenever we feel like opening it, we can drag it. It can be used in place of curtains over the windows rods.

#2 Identical push pins used for pinning

Tapestry Wall hangings

We can take help of designable nails or push pins to pin up our tapestry on the wall. Firstly, Make a design on the wall and start covering the perimeter of the design with the help of the tapestry look for a while and then decide whether it is good looking or not. If it suits your wall and seeks your attention, then do the finishing by pinning up the borders of the tapestry and be aware of the perimeter. Not even a single mark should be obtained while pinning up and take care of your hands as well!

#3 Art of Velcro

If you are very much bothered about the above method as it can create holes in your spectacular colourful walls, then don’t worry we have a solution. We can get exactly that look if we use Velcro. We can attach our tapestry on the wooden strip and make it stand over the desired place. Now we have to pin the wooden strip to be protected from any accident. But don’t worry, it will need only two pins at the corner. Pin a rope in the middle of the wood to drag it whenever you need it. You can open/close the wood according to your need.

#4 Heavy and thick tapestries

If you have a hobby of collection of hefty and weighty tapestries, then we have an idea of mounting it on the plywood board to make it more durable. Fix all the borders of the tapestry on the perimeter of the plywood and staple it carefully. Stretch it with all the sides and sew it at the last. You can place the plywood anywhere in your home either use it as door mat or use it as cover for small open tables. Frame it with glass as well.

#5 Mounting using effervescent foam

We can use foam in place of wooden plywood to make it smoother. We can use it as pillow if we do so. Decorate your deewan with spongy tapestries. It can be created very easily by stapling the tapestry on the foam. Give it an overlook of paints as well. After mounting and attaching is done. Cover your tapestry with glittering paper of different colours. Use it as a cushion on the deewan or bed and keep it closer to the night lamp.

#6 Ceiling decoration of the tapestry

tapestry decoration

This idea is for all those people who are passionate about the ceiling. We have always seen ceiling having hanging things. But have you ever realised that a tapestry can also be used as ceiling over the above walls of the home. We can buy tapestry wall hangings for this purpose. We can use extra stuff which brightens the room like lights. Buy a tapestry hang it on the above wall of the room use colour lights over the borders of the tapestry and make a design. Moreover, add some glossary items which gives a twinkling effect in the night-time.

#7 Tapestry hanging from a single board

If we don’t want to staple all the tapestry over the plywood, then we can hang the tapestry from one stable point. Take a plywood and staple the above part of the tapestry on the plywood. If you need some fashionable plywood, then take a rectangle shaped wooden strip and pin in on the walls and hang your tapestry from that wooden strip. It can withstand all the heavy and thick fabric tapestries.

#8 Headboard made of tapestry

Tapestry can be used as a headboard of your bed. It can be obtained from the above method as well as we have another method. Like all headboards are made we can use tapestry on the wood by sticking it on it. If we are using clothes to make our headboard comfortable, then use the tapestry in such a way that it covers all the clothes and gives you comfort and look.

The final word:

Thus, as mentioned above, you are surprised that tapestry has so many uses and can be used for many purposes in your home to make your home look grand and marvelous. We have something called tapestry wall art to innovate our walls. If you have a very big craze for art gallery then look for tapestry wall art and apply it on your walls. This makes your home complete.