Dorm Room Decorating Ideas | Decor Your Dorm Room Wall with Handicrunch

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas | Decor Your Dorm Room Wall with Handicrunch

So are you looking for the decorating ideas for your dorm room? The dorm room is really a special place and it is not at all easy to decorate it. It needs a lot of planning and the decor should be suited for everyone. Today one of the leading Indian handicraftHandicrunch brings you the best ideas to dorm room wall decor.

Ideas to decor your dorm room


Pillows add gesture to your decor and it adds effect to your decor. We can’t avoid the fact that pillows are the essential home accessory. It is available in different sizes, colors and so on. It brings the blooming beauty. Whereas throw pillow decor is the easy way to update your decor. There are many other ways to opt and add the effect you can buy mini pillows and thread less mini pillows.

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It will bring you closer to your forefather’s decor and it is only enough for your whole decor. In ancient times tapestries were used to mark their presence in the places of Kings and queens. It is the best way to add a touch of Royalty. You can’t go for several accessories and it itself can be enough for your decor. Tapestry has a wide collection – Mandala, sun and moon, star, Zodiac etc.

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Door Hangings

From medieval period door hanging are making their presence and it makes the entrance of the room attractive and beautiful. Door hangings of different size and shapes are available.

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Wall Hangings

Wall hangings bring aesthetic to the home, basically wall hanging mean whatever you hang on your walls. The wall hanging is of different style and colors. It is an easiest and unique way to the decor. It is a great way to bring life.

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It is a most interesting way to decor, most people have a misconception that curtains have the characteristic of simplicity. They look classy as well as beautiful in their own way. They match with anything. If you opt for white so it will bring coziness to your home.

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Handmade wooden elephant

Handmade products are in trend since years, the wooden elephant is the best way to decor the room and adds the touch of Indian style. It symbolizes art and culture. There are wide varieties

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Decor Your Dorm Room Wall with Handicrunch

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In this article, we provided you all about how to dorm room wall decor along with this we also have provided you the best source so now fulfill your interior fantasy and decor your space in the best way.