Enjoy the Winters with Eye-Popping Quilts

The winter season is fast approaching. This season is loved by many people in the world. Hot coffee, sleeping in the quilts gives ultimate happiness in the winter season. It is very big investment which you make when you buy the quilts or you and the bed to embellish the bedroom. Select the best quilt for this winter to help you protect from cold climate as such.

Tips for choosing the best quilts:

#1 Feather & Down Quilts for winters:

Down materials is very soft and have fluffy clusters that grows in the layer of ducks and geese which help them in protection for the cold. Own material is quite light in weight and has way better insulation capabalities as compared to normal feather.

Benefits of feather and down quilts:

  • It provides much warmth and very light in weight.

  • It is the best quilt which is very fluffy and have wonderful insulation ability.

  • The person is able to breathe properly and you wake up after sleep in referesh mode completely.

  • It is very easy to wash and can be dry-cleaned.


There are various quilts available which is the blend of feather and down material. 3 major kinds of blends in quilts are: The warm quilts are made of 50/50 duck (down/feather). The warmer quilts are made of 80/20 duck (down/feather) and the warmest quilts of all are 80/20 goose (down/feather).

The combination of goosse feather and down is highly favoured as compared to duck feather and down. The reason is goose being the big bird in size and have larger stronger clusters as such of down material. This makes the quilt quite warmer and very light in weight. The handmade patchwork quilt is also loved by the people for the winter season as it appears to be ravishing in looks.

#2 Cotton quilts:

Cootong is one of the amazing fabric and known for its quality, comfort and also softness. Cotton fabric is considered as the coolest of all quilt materials. It is quite thinner and light in weight and lets you breather easily as compared to synthetic materials. The cotton quilts are available in different weights. The most cooler products and good for the summer weight too.


Advantages of using cotton quilts:

  • It is the most natural fibre available.

  • It is very durable.

  • It can be washed in the machine.

  • For a good night’s sleep, the cotton quilts can draw the moisture from perspiration.

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#3 Woolen quilts:

Wool fibre is the best to use in the winter season. It absorbs the body moisture and also removes the humidity from the body so that you don’t feel hot and moisture-laden in the warm months. Wool fibre is also best in trapping and retaining air which keeps you warm in winter season.


Benefits of woolen quilts:

  • Wool fibre is the natural insulator which can be used whole year.

  • It appears to be neat and clean.

  • Wool fabric is very safe.

  • It can also be dry-cleaned.

Closing Thoughts:

So, for this winter you must make use of the best quality quilts which kepps you warm in the winter season and gives you comfortable sleep at the night.

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