Famous Traditional Art and Handicraft of Jaipur Online

The tropical band of colours of Rajasthan’s handicraft heritage is extremely bright and produce changing patterns of colours and textures. The inspirational complexity, range and depth of this heritage stems from its socioeconomic spirit, with people of villages pursuing certain crafts, which are innate to their survival for their daily needs. Royal patronage gave it vital impetus.


Mughal miniature painting is richly represented in Rajasthani art. In various regions of the state the popularity of miniature painting was translated in the mushrooming of styles that are distinctive and thus create the Marwar School, the Bikaner School, Kota-Bundi ‘kalam’, the Jaipur School and the Kishangarh School of painting. From Nathdwara came the tradition of ‘pichwais’. The ‘pichwai’ was a backdrop or a cloth hanging to the deity Krishna that is painted in bold colours. The paintings like scroll paintings or Phads are related to the tales of the Bhopa folk hero Pabuji.

famous art and craft of jaipur


Handicraft textiles makes more beautiful the colourful bazaars of Rajasthan. The choicest offerings available in sophisticated boutiques or the shops can be picked by the visitors from the line markets across the state of Rajasthan. There is the distinctive native hand-block fabrics of Sanganer, Bagru villages around Jaipur, tie and dye work from Jodhpur and the ‘lehariya’ prints from the villages around Udaipur.

handicraft of jaipur

Pottery, Stone Craft and Leatherwork:

The Pink city Jaipur has a pottery tradition and that is translated into its numerous colour of blue pottery which is made from crushed quartz. This is adorned with painted design in geometrics and nature’s bounty in green, oranges and bright yellows. The skilled stone carving that it possessed is noticeable in carved deities, elaborate columns and beautiful fretwork. Candle stands, lamps and marble tabletops have the fine detailing at which the native craftsmen are so skilled. The leather craft of Rajasthan which is traditional is showcased in its ‘juttis’, both embellished and plain.


The world’s leading diamond and emerald cutting centres is Jaipur. Since Mughal times the tradition of ‘Minakari’ and ‘Kundan’ work in gold touched and reached an all time high in enamel jewellery centres like Bikaner. The pratapgarh is famous for “Thewa” work basically a gold filigree work on glass which is seeing a revival. Silver tribal ornaments, Lac bangles and Ivory made in Rajasthan are astonishing in their artistry.


Summing up:

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