holi fashion tips

Fashion Tips to Get Ready on this Holi 2018

Holi is about to come and many things must be going in your mind right? Like preparations, decor and dress code etc. But on holi what to wear is totally becomes different from other other traditions as on holi you don’t have to wear the new costumes and new dresses, as you will go out it is going to ruin and become messy. So, on holi also you have to aware your dressing sense as with the fear to ruin it, you can’t wear anything and go out. Here we bought some ideas for you to make your holi memorable and comfortable in a style.

What to wear on this holi?

Wear Old Clothes

Obviously, on holi, you have to wear the old clothes and they are the best choice as you can’t take the risk with the new clothes. To find the old clothes is very easy as everyone has it and by wearing it you can enjoy the festival of Holi without any tension of ruining it.

Cotton Kurtas and Shirts
Both are the good choice to wear on Holi as it is suitable to play Holi, it is comfortable. If women want to steal the hearts so they should wear a great Kurta and with printed dupattas to steal the look! Men can go with a white shirt or a kurta to compliment the ladies!

Caps and Bandanas
They are really important as caps and bandanas helps you to protect your hair and caps adds a style to your dress. Bandana to like the most stylish outfit.

Sunglasses go with every outfit. They absolutely fit everywhere and anywhere and even add a touch of extra glamour to your outfit when paired with the right combination of clothes and hair. Sunglasses have an ability to give you a perfect look which suits you all time.

Pick the amazing flip-flop and mark your style it is a one day when you can show off with your flip-flop with a comfortness. So, match and perfect have an awesome holi!

If you don’t want to go for the traditional look, so go for the shorts,  easily the next favorite thing you need to grab to flaunt at your Holi party. Match them with the white shirt or t-shirt they will give a charming look. Also, you choose any fabric such as cotton shorts or denim shorts.

Apply waterproof makeup or simple makeup, or you can apply some home remedies which can protect your skin from the chemicals. Sunscreen is an essential part of your makeup.

Apply perfect nail art or nails on your hand. As on Holi, it can be possible that they can be spoil so apply some oil or something on your nails.

Avoid Transparent and Clingy Clothes
Avoid transport or clingy clothes because due to that you get an unwanted attention and it can proof a disaster due to water so just avoid them. Hence wear sensible and comfortable clothes in which you can enjoy.

Expensive Accessories
Leave your expensive accessories at your house.  Playing holi is to much fun and floric. Don’t carry the branded items with you, as there are the chances of spoiling it. Expensive accessories like handbags, belts or sunglasses may fall into the ground and could be crushed or damaged by the crowd. Even someone can take an advantage and take your jewelry and even your mind will be only on that so it better to keep your mind calm and be in a comfortable mode.  

Save your Hair
It is really imperative to save your hair, as chances of chemicals are there to ruin your hair. Also, oil your hair before going out to play holi to safeguard your hair from colors. This will make your hair easier to clean when you go home and take a shower.

Traditional  Clothes
If you want to opt for the tradition, then you can go with white for men they can wear white cotton kurta on jeans and women can wear white kurtis with Dupatta but that white colour will be spoil fully.

So, here we stated several styles to dress up and be stylish for your Holi celebration. So, choose your fashion style in a perfect and beautiful manner on this Holi with Handicrunch.