Five Ethnic Tapestry For Home Decorating

In case you want to make your home more attractive by the addition of beautiful decorative item, then by hanging a tapestry wall art is the best that you can do for decorating your home. It is something that unique and attractive walls. When a wall hanging fills a wall it is truly a dramatic way to make a big impression. Fantastic painted walls, so no need to paint. Tapestries are one of the most creative and classy ways of stylizing simple walls of your house. They come at prices from medium to low and are an amazing option to redecorate the boring bare walls with something colorful, vibrant and lively. It is all about redefining the space with some new idea or thought with these decorative tapestries.

Decorating, Home With Variety of Tapestries

Home decoration is an essential part of home maker’s responsibility. There are ‘n’ number of ideas and innovations you can try to make your home look good. People want to decorate home with different style and it is gaining significance in modern day living. Here you with different styles of home decor using a variety of tapestries.

#1 Indian Tapestries

Live out of the box with Indian tapestry. These bohemian, funky, psychedelic colors resonate much appeal among youths and relive the old 60’s era when the hippie movement was at its peak.It is a fun piece of fabric that can be used in countless ways like wall hanging, bedspread, bed cover, table cloth, curtain etc. These are, as the name suggests, are meant to induce a feeling of illusion and make you feel hallucinated.

#2 Mandala Tapestry

Bring home the divinity of spiritual forces and create a meditative experience in your life by putting Hippy Mandala Bohemian Tapestries as a wall hanging.

The art of Mandala design tapestry can be traced from Buddhism, as it is a sacred collection of auspicious symbols, arranged in a well-defined circular pattern. It is one of the most popular art motifs in Buddhism.

The basic structure of a Mandala design is always circular, inside which is a concentric square enclosure with four gates, one for each cardinal direction. At the center of the square is a deity, a symbol or sometimes a mantra. That is why a mandala art is named after the entity at its center – for example Om mandala, Tara Mandala Tapestries, Buddha mandala etc.

#3 Sun & Moon Tapestry

Rise and Shine! Soak up some energy with sun tapestries. These bright and energetic Sun and Moon wall hanging tapestry brings warmth in your house. Mostly in bright orange or red, it features animated shapes and patterns of sun and moon to eclectic use. With decorative patterns, the stylish interplay of colors and effusive layout, placing a sun tapestry as a wall art will make your life a stylish place to live in.

Thus, for stylish wall decor, bed sheets, bedspread, curtain, wall decoration or wall paintings, make sure you check out Indian Beautiful Art and make your home an exciting place to live in.

Cushion covers

#4 Animal Tapestry

The royal maharaja of the jungle gets stamped and a bird that wakes all night to get stamped, and how. Elephant and owl printed tapestries has become a rage for its grandeur, stylish design and oriental aesthetics. Some of these are screen printed in traditional Indian method and takes around a week to complete. Most of them are made of 100% cotton. Use this stunning piece of art also as a bedspread, bed cover, table cloth, and curtain.

#5 Colorful Printed Picnic Decorative Art Tapestry

To accessorize your home with a new look, then it is better to grab this multicolor tree of life tapestry which can be used as bedspreads and throw tapestry which comes in flamboyant colors. You interiors will get a a complete new look. The tree of tapestries comes with lots of design .For example, so unique are the birds sitting on the branches. Give a finishing touch to the interiors with the modern cotton picnic tapestry which is a must buy.

Closing up:

The above description will definitely force you to consider buying Indian decorative tapestries. It is one of the most loved handicraft around the globe. You can choose from the above 5 different tapestries and shop it from Handicrunch. You can sample out the Animal print tapestry like elephant tapestries from the online portal of Handicrunch.