Give your Home a Holi Makeover 2018

The month of March is about to come in few days this month will knock our doors and it is a sign of the official start of the spring season, along with this it will also bring the festival of colors and that is the prominent festival of Hindus which is popularly known as Holi. It is a big Indian festival, it unites people around you and gives you a reason to celebrate. Colour brings happiness, joy, and positive vibes. As well as it marks the end in winters and gives a sign of starting the spring season.

So, these Holi lets bring vibrant colors and Holi decor to your home. In this article, we will tell you several tips to bring Holi decor:

Embellish your Walls

Holi doesn’t want for the season of paint, don’t paint the walls. This holi do something different and paint the wall you own Do it yourself!  by drenching your home’s walls in exuberant colors. You can try color blocking your home’s walls by selecting the 2 colors and painting the walls and pre-decide for the unique pattern to give the wall an innovative mix. Additionally, the walls can be styled up with the decorated wall hangings, floral wallpapers, framed pictures and fashioned patterns to elevate their festive factor up by quite a few notches.

Renovate your Drawing Room

You can decor your drawing room with unique ways and can use various different colourful paper decorations along with this, you can also use innovative lighting, aromatic candles, bowls with flower petals color-dappled curtains and hangings, intriguing hand-painted posters, bright flower-vases,  lively rugs and flower bouquets to turn your living space to a Holi central hub. Along with this, you can dress up your lamps, sofas and cushions and other upholstery in the vivid draping to provide your drawing room a complete makeover.

Color your Outdoors

Spray colors in your indoor and outdoor of your home in lawns, terrace, and patios this is known for the vivid decorations. Artworks, flowers,  Colorful paper buntings, water balloons and an intricate flowery Rangoli can bejewel a home’s courtyards,  railings of staircases and door entrances to take your Holi fun to a higher horizon. On the auspicious occasion, you can decorate these outdoor places with the diyas, lanterns and perky lights along with logs of firewood to burn at Holika Dahan.

Style your Kitchen

On this occasion on the entrance you can make a rangoli it will put major highlight to your decor and as it is festival so several dishes will be prepared and in this hassle, it shouldn’t see that your kitchen is the mess it should add a style of your decor. Along with this, you can serve the food and drinks in an innovative dressing of colorful dishes to increase the visualize appearance of the food and it might help to increase the appetite of your guests.

Renovate your bedroom

Bedrooms are really an essential part of your house it is a place where you relaxed and give time to yourselves. To decor your room you can add aromatic candles, captivating flowers, cherry illumination alongside vibrant bedsheets and striking pillows and cushions it will light your bedroom.

Renew your Bathroom

People often avoid the decor of the bathrooms but it is a must one place some colorful curtains,  get multi-colored and scented soaps, place delightful flower vases at windows and replace grey towels with colorful ones so as to rejuvenate and replenish your bathroom this Holi.

Colorful Wall Hangings

Place some colorful wall hangings on your walls opt for some tapestries as a festival is a part of our tradition and tapestries are the sign of traditional artwork. Hang colorful tapestries and add charm and beauty to your decor. It is a perfect way to add holi decor.

So here we have provided you the various ideas for your holi day decor and lets you gear up to celebrate the festival of colors with aplomb. So, this Holi instead of paints bring holi and colorful decor your own.