Give a Traditional Look to your Home with Indian Handicrafts

As we all are familiar with the fact, that India is a diverse and prestigious country and it is well known for its handicrafts, it has marked its presence in terms of best handicrafts across the world.Indian handicrafts bestow traditional and enchanting glance.

Interior decor has become the vital part of our home, after all, it is an impression of our home to the guests. It is a presentation that defines our place and adds charm and beauty to space. Handicrafts are natural and made by hand, there are the variety of handicrafts you have a number of wide choices.

Let’s perceive the different and attractive options of handicraft through which we can make a perfect decor:

Wooden Handicraft Decor
Wood has been the king of furniture industry and widely used to make wooden handicraft products as well. Wooden handicrafts add beauty and give traditional look to your living space. There are various options you can place in your home decor like wooden elephants, wooden flower base, jewellery boxes and so on which will give the colourful and fresh fragrance to your interior.

Wall Hanging Tapestry
It is the most wonderful idea that to add wall tapestry in your house, it adds charm and beauty to your living area. If you wish to decorate your in some traditional way, then add Mandala Wall hanging tapestry behind your bed, it will present your bedroom in a different style.

Clay Handicrafts
It is the oldest form of Indian handicrafts, It has different types – red, black, terracotta and grey pottery. The state of Nawab – Uttar Pradesh and Northeast are the well known for their painted black wares, along with this Bikaner, Pune, Lucknow, Himachal Pradesh and West Bengal also supply the products of clay.

Brass Handicrafts
They are known for the durable handicrafts Brass handicraft products are used for the purpose of gifts also. Example of Brass Handicrafts which you can bring to your home plates, ornament boxes, table tops, wall art, lamps, bowls, and figurines etc. It is mainly produced in Rajasthan.

Cushion Covers
Cushion covers are the most attractive part and a first impression of the space, it helps in creating a theme for your living room or bedroom. Along with this, they are available in different designs, colors, patterns and styles.

Dhokra Handicrafts
It is for any space of your home and it looks beautiful wherever you want to place. The tribal types of Dhokra handicrafts are made in Madhya Pradesh and other products of Dhokra are available easily at handicrafts shops.

Paper Handicrafts
This is an art which seems it is very easy to make, but it needs too many efforts, We all use it in any way in our daily lives this type of handicrafts are masks, kite, lampshades, puppets and hand fans and decorative flowers. Paper Lanterns are liked by many artisans and it is made up of recycled papers. The most popular art in India is Paper Mache, and the industry is located in Gaya, Patna, Awadh, Allahabad, Rajgir, Ahmedabad. Sanjhi is another form of paper it has many variations.

Jute Handicrafts
Jute handicrafts are eco-friendly and most affordable, it is in trend since years. It has a variety of products like bags, rugs, wall hanging, footwear, jewelry, lamb, table, office stationeries etc. Bihar, Assam, West Bengal are the largest producer of jute.

Mirror Work Handicrafts
MIrror work handicraft is most beautiful art, the small pieces of the mirror has been used in the form of embroidery or attach a small piece of mirrors of wood or metal. Many products are used to form by this art cushion covers, wall art, pen stands, trays. It is also known as shisha work.

Kalamkari Handicrafts
It is a famous art of Andhra Pradesh, It is the art of hand painting or block printing on cotton textiles. It is divided into 2 parts.

Kalamkari includes natural dyes and a lot of painstaking processes. The fabric is then used to make multiple products like wall art frames, journals, coasters, picture frames etc.

Door Hanging
It is the foremost thing which every guest notice and it should be impressive and attractive. There are many types of door decor and it can be done in many simple and easy ways. On the festive season, most people search for this idea do decor their home in unique way.

These above ideas are the best way to give a touch of Indian tradition to your house, so style your decor with traditional touch!