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What does your handbag holding style says about your personality?

Handbags- the favourite accessory of girls and they love it to the core. Girls of all age groups loves to fill their wardrobe with trendy handbags. But did you know that carrying a wonderful handbag can reveal a lot about your personality as such. Your bag holding style can say a lot about you. Even the men keep thinking about why the handbag is being loved by women a lot.

Well, these handbags helps the women to keep necessary things like the cosmetics, stylish smartphone, money, etc. There arew different kinds of mandala bags available at our online handicraft store.

If working women are concerned then they opt for stylish travel bag or the bucket bags for enhancing their look to a lot of extent. The choice of the handbags depends on the size ad type of the handbag and the requirement of the handbag by the girls. The way you hold your bag says a lot about your personality and you will get to know about the same in this post. There are different mandala tote bags which you will love to carry along with you. Varied handbags are available at Handicrunch which can be used for college purpose, office, parties, shopping, travelling, etc.

Different bag holding styles and what does it mean:

Charming purses & clutches:

#1 Twofer:

The women who opt for carrying the handbag with 2 hands shows that they are shy and defensive in nature. It can also tell that she is at present feeling awkward.

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#2 Baguette:

Many women opt for holding the wonderful handbag like the piece of french bread. This handbag holding style is very popular. It shows that the woman is quite alert in nature. The woman don’t have any kind of intention for showing off her handbag but for taking care of teh accessories kept in the handbag. You can opt for any kind of handbag like mandala crochet bags, tote bags, etc.

#3 Loose clutching way:

Some women hold their handbag in lazy manner. This kind of bag holding style shows that the woman is very aggressive in nature and also straightforward. It also means that the woman loves to have fun and loves flirting.

#4 Armpit vice way of holding handbag:

This kind of handbag holding style is also very common in many ways. The best for the women who love their hands free because the clutches don’;t have any kind of straps. This kind of handbag holding represents awkward nature of women and it also shows that woman don’t care about what other think of them. There are 5 voguish handbags that thrills every girl to bits by the impressive looks.

For the large Bags:

#1 Arm-crook hook way of holding bag:

Some women hold their handbag and hang it on th crook of elbow and this handbag holding style shows the superior nature of woman when it is also done with the wrist flopping too. This bag holding style works wonders when you are carrying the quite luxurious, stylish and expensive designer bag. Different kinds of shopping bags are available at Handicrunch which will make women jump out of their skin.

#2 Briefcase way of holding bag:

Many women make use of the handbag which have the top handle and no such straps. Women who love to use these kind of handbags represents their serious and business like nature as such.

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#3 Schlepper way of holding bag:

This particular bag holding style looks just ravishing but does not appear to be attractive because in this women holds multifarious handbags at once. This hanbag holding style represents that the woman is in rush and hurry, or even quite tired and pressured too.

#4 Thumb to pit way of holding bag:

Many women love to carry the handbag only on one shoulder itself and continuously holding the straps and this handbag holding style tells that the woman is very practical. This bag holding way is wortks wonders because it also safeguards the handbag and all the accessory which women carry in the handbag. This style is quie in common in the cities which have much rush.

Some women loves to travel a lot and there are wide range of travel bags available at Handicrunch for them.

For the long strapped handbags:

#1 Third arm drape way of holding the bag:

This particular handbag holding style is adapted by the women who are open to slinging their bag only on one shoulder. This way of holding the handbag represents that the woman lacks self-control and also awareness. Because the handbag is snatched away easily, this handbag holding style is the best one. Different kinds of mandala market bags which are available at our online handicraft store will leave you gobsmacked when you use them.

#2 Hands-free way of holding the bag:

Maany women who are the teenagers opt for this type of handbag holding style. In this method, the handbag is being draped over the body and unto the opposite shoulder for leaving the hands free. This particular handbag holding style says that the woman is independent.

The Final Word:

Dear women out there! So, did you love this engrossing post about the handbags? If yes, then you can check out the category in which you fall in, if handbag holding style is concerned. There are various kinds of jaw-dropping handbags available at our handicraft store which will leave you astonished completely.

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