How to Hang a Tapestry in a Dorm Room

Guide to Hang a Wall Tapestry in Your Dorm Room

It is essential that dorm room should look stupendous, as it is a board area and especially for hostels, the cool and beautiful decor should be there.  Even a dorm describes you and tells you who you are. Along with the look, it should be comfortable to you can eat, drink and sleep properly. A dorm is an area where many people can reside and it is imperative that the thing over the decor should be perfect and of every one choice. With only one thing only you can bring the best decor and with that, you don’t have to place other items and that is back to the world of your forefathers – Tapestry.

Cool tapestries are the best way to brighten the walls and tapestries has always waved its magic. It is a trend of our forefathers and if you want to give your room a new touch so it is the best way and being in a college it is hard to opt different accessories. Tapestries are the best way to add charm and perfection. It is a really very creative path to add charm to your decor.

Tips to hang a wall tapestry in a dorm room

Use Push Pins:  It is a damage free way to put the pins in the walls as they are damage free, it will not get any mark on your wall and if it will so it will be like some nails screw. It will mark much smaller holes.

Hanging a Tapestry with Clothespins: Clothespins are available in different sizes, medium to large. Opt for adhesive wall strips which are approximate of the same size. You can also trim them so you can use them later also.

Velcroing: You can use Velcorin if your tapestry is to thin then opt for it but this could be risky also if you wish to remove velcro so it may tear the tapestry.  It will stick fast. Apply four corners of the strips to stick it on the wall. Align your tapestry with the wall as you attach the velcro strips to make sure they are evenly spaced. These strips are also useful to stick the photos.

Brackets: You can hang tapestry away from your wall, you can add brackets to your wall and then hang the tapestry but this will result in the distance from the walls.

Rod: Choose the decorative rod to hang the tapestry,  If you can’t purchase the decorative rod so you can also opt for simple hanging rods. you must make sure that the rod fits the pocket of the tapestry.

Wall hooks: This is another way to place the tapestry in your house. WAll hooks can destroy your wall but it is permanent there is no fear that the tapestry can fall.

So, here we have given you some ways how to hang a wall tapestry in a dorm room and how you can make your decor beautiful and attractive by tapestry you can add some uniqueness too. So try now!