Hostel room decoration ideas

Attractive Ways to Decorate a Hostel Room

Hostel room is a room where you stay for next three to five years, it is a place where you bring your creativity in your own way and you are totally free to bring your style in your own way. Living in the hostel can be challenging as well as it can be interesting. The thought could be revolve in your mind that you have to leave this space so why should you put your efforts, but don’t forget 3 to 5 years you are the only owner of it and you have to be there for a particular period of time and you can’t live with the plain walls and simple room. So just boost your energy and change your boring space into the creative one.

Today, the leading Handicrunch, Indian Handicraft portal brings you the various ideas to renovate your hostel room: 


Curtains plays an important role for your decor and it has an ability to change the theme. Curtains can make and even ruin your space. It not only plays add the effect for your decor even it protects you from the heat and winter. If you will bring the perfect curtains according to your decor, it will add charm and beauty to your space. If you want to give a traditional look to your interior then use mandala curtains, which will give your the same look you want.

Beautiful Mandala curtains


Change the boring walls into the creative one. At one point of time you will also get frustrated from the plan and boring walls. You can renovate your walls in an attractive and beautiful way and you can do it in many ways, there are numerous ways to decorate your walls. You can hang the photo frames, paintings, awards and so on. Walls are the special part of any space and they have an ability to change the look of your room.

Polaroid Garland:

Why today’s generation have limited their space till social media just make your field wide, why your memories and collage should be blend till insta and face book as we are addicted to see them as a insta and facebook stories. So, just make an attractive polaroid garland and hang them on your wall without using tapes and all. It will become an eye-catching gallery.

Bed Canopy:

If you want to have an experience a lifestyle like prince and princess and you wish to sleep like them and you think for that you should have an expensive amount, so you are wrong . You can experience the nights of king and princess by adding a bed canopy. Along with this, add a fairy light it will take you to your dreamy world.


If you want to bring the luxury palace decor of King and queen, then opt for the tapestry, it was considered as a must item for the ancient palaces. Tapestry wall hanging adds the luxury and royalty to the decor. They are easy to hang and add simplicity to your decor. Also, you can use them as bed cover, table cloth, sofa cover, curtains and so on.

Yin Yang Wall Tapestry

Entrance door:

Add creativity to your decor, as entrance door is a first impression add a charm in your first impression. You can decorate the walls in many ways. Add Polka dots idea on the door and you can also make your own shapes and decorate the door. Also, you can hang a door hanging in your entry door. A beautiful door hanging can give you a warm welcome.

So, in this blog the leading Handicrunch Indian Handicraft portal gives you the best ideas to decorate your hostel room in a simple way. Now you can make your hostel room live and spice it up!!