Kite Festival in Rajasthan – Ritual, and Celebration

India is prominent for its diversities. As we all know, India is a melange of festivals, fairs, culture. It has marked its presence in all over the world and it is for its unity. Each corner of India speaks for itself. India has 29 states and every state has its own style. They all have different festivals, lifestyles, culture, language but then also India is known for its unity. It is said that this country is meant to be experienced in a lifetime. Each festival of every culture is celebrated by whole India and festivals has their own importance and all of them are celebrated with full joy and happiness. It is a time for celebration.

The major festivals of India are Holi and Diwali but rather then this there are many more festivals which are celebrated for a day among them one is and which is widely popular is Mankar Sankranti.

Introduction To Mankar Sankranti
This festival is special for Hindus and celebrated all over India with different names. It is celebrated on 14th January, and it is a harvest festival. The reason behind this festival is based on religious and historical fact. It is believed that on this day sun moves into Capricorn zodiac sign and in Hindi, it is known as ( Makar) and it is based on Zodiac sign. In other words, It is a day of the transaction, and the sun moves from dhanu rashi (Sagittarius) to makara rashi (Capricorn). It is an auspicious day according to Hindu Religion, it has been celebrated for years.

How it is celebrated
It is celebrated in different states and people use to pray to the sun, some pray and dip to the rivers especially in Ganga River as it is known as the pious river. Along with this, it has various names in Punjab it is known by Maghi, in southern India, it is known as a Pongal.

It has been seen kites are the companion of this beautiful festival and it adds glory and charm to the celebration of this occasion. Mostly it has been seen people of Jaipur and Gujarat celebrate it with enthusiasm. Locals use to fly kites and women makes ‘’Til Ke Laddu’ which are very famous and everyone use to celebrate this festival even home decor has also been seen on this day and people go for traditional look and opt for handicraft, hand crunch Indian handicrafts, tapestries, mandala curtains, mandala bedspread.

Celebration In Jaipur
It has been seen that this festival is the major festival for Jaipurities, on this day school offices and banks have their holiday. On 14 January, Makar Sankranti is declared as an official government holiday. Even shopkeepers close their shops and sky changes from blue to colorful kites.In the sky, it has been seen that beautiful kites use to spread. Locals take a holy dip in Galtaji, which is an important pilgrimage in Jaipur and pray to god to bless them with health, wealth and good crops. An International kite festival uses to held from across the world use to participate in this and this festival goes for three days. In fact, on this day people fly kites from the monuments and best places of India like Nahargarh Amer and from rooftops.

Greetings From Handicrunch
So on this Makar Sankranti, Handicrunch and its team – famous for Indian Handicrafts,  wishes you all A very happy Makar Sankranti and this festival will bring joy, health and wealth for you. Celebrate it with full enthusiasm and joy. And yes, don’t forget til ke laddu and to fly the kites. !