An Overview On Indian Kantha Quilts

Kantha is known for its different type of embroidery which is most popular in Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. Unused, old cloths and sari cutting fabrics are layered and they are stitched perfectly to make kantha quilt.

A very complex running stitching work where women sewn multiple layers of old sari cloth for further use. It is old age traditional art which is originated to keep you warm into winter season. It is still most popular embroidery art form among Bengali women. Women at Bengal are still practicing the art to earn their livelihood. Although, history is too old of kantha embroidery work it was originated into 16th and 17th century to make blanket with old cloths. Bangladeshis use them to wrap newborns, to cover a bed, to provide warmth in the winter, and so many other uses.

he best aspect of kantha throw is not just they are beautiful but also they are reversible so can be used from both of the sides. Just flip them over to find a complementary color and pattern on the underside. Kantha throw is one of a kind item which doesn’t come into one single color. Quilt is 100% organic and eco-friendly.

As these are made by old recycled sarees hence they may have some loose threads, open ends, small spots/stain and small patches (Patches from other colourful sarees), which is very rare and these things are not being considered as defects, as item is made of vintage material. This is a normal part of the work for 100% handmade quilt, which adds more beauty to its character. You will get suprised and shocked in a positive manner when you will find that how perfect a handmade product can be and time taken to make this quilt.

kantha quilt

It is perfect piece of art to spruce up your bedroom into bohemian style. The kantha quilts comes into different designs and patterns. Many shops were visited by me but on handicrunch i got to see better varieties of quilts like beautiful rajasthani quilts set, cotton razai quilts, Indian coverlet quilts etc.

If you love kantha work and looking for a cheap bohemian bedding then you should add such work into your bedroom. All designs tells their own story when you add them into your bedroom that fits with room interior.People always ask where to buy kantha quilts into cheaper price? There are many Indian online shop where you can get cheaper price on kantha quilt and they arrive in a week.

Vintage kantha blanket can be used as sofa throw that will keep you warm longer into winter season and they also give exotic and boho effect if you love bohemian style bedding. If the variation can be managed properly, a kantha could bring lots of quirky personality to home furniture.

The number of quilts you should buy depends on the style of bed you like better. Let us say if want to stick to a even number of quilts then opt for traditional style bed with deep colours. If you want a more modern or eclectic look then go for an odd number. This might sound odd to you but it can really make a difference when it comes to the arrangement of the cushions on the sofa. You can try to arrange Kantha pillow cover too on your sofa or bed. Now you decide that what look you like better for your living room: traditional or modern and accordingly decide even or odd number of cushions.

The Final Thought:

Sampling out the right quilts can have a huge impression on your home decor. They come in all different sizes, colours, patterns and fabrics. You can change them with the seasons, or with your moods, and they are are a fabulous way to splash a bit of colour, style and personality around any room in the house. They can be as effective as a piece of artwork and should be treated with the same respect. If selected carefully, they can be the centrepiece of a room as they can complement all the elements in the room and create a harmonious and stylish look.

I hope after going through the above blog you would take interest in Indian Kantha Quilts. Yes go ahead and shop it from at best prices.