Psychedelic Room Decor Ideas

Creating a psychedelic room can be a lot of fun with the vibrant colors & Traditional Decor items. An eclectic mix of bright, painted furniture, colorful fabrics & tribal or ethnic accents sets the right tone for a psychedelic room. Mix in mood enhancing lights & some retro hippy accessories & you’ all have a fabulous space. These psychedelic home decor options are perfect for people who want to relive their college days.

You don’t need drugs to appreciate the artistic & creativity expressions found in psychedelic decor.

Decorate & Create a Psychedelic Room

room-decor-ideasPsychedelic decor relates strongly to folk art & rooms decorated with a good feel. Add texture, Pattern & color with bohemian style rugs. Use one rug to cover the floor with multiple, overlapping rugs featuring colorful stripes, Ikat, Zig Zags & patchwork patterns. Tribal rugs with a faded, classic look are idea, but you can also mix in colorful carpet remnants for a welcoming surface to be bare feet. Be sure to bind the edges of the carpet to give them a finished look.

Decorate your Home with Ethnic Wall Hangings

A lot of people wonder how to decorate their walls in a unique way. Your wall add glory to your home. They make a statement about your values, tastes & your way of life. You can use tapestries as wall hangings. Tapestries come in different style, pattern, colors, Embroidery, patchwork, beaded & patterns so you will definitely find designs that will match your personal taste & your room’s decor. Tapestries can add glory to your home. The best part about tapestries is that it looks like real art which bring cultural to your home. Add Sophistication & ethnic style to your home decor with a beautiful handcrafted Indian wall hanging. Wall Hangings from different regions of India that will add glory to your room.

Adding Psychedelic touch to Living Roomroom-decor-ideas1

  • You can frame a Psychedelic tapestry & hang it as wall art.

  • You can add a bohemian style area rug & pull a color from the rug for an accent wall.

Adding Psychedelic touch to your Bedroom

  • Create an attractive, eye-catching focal point with tie-dyed bedding or you can also hang a pyschedelic wall haning/tapestry on the wall.

  • Paint a funky, colorful folk art style furniture

  • Use a tie-dyed sheet, Vibrantly colored fabric, or a large tapestry to create a stylish canopy over the bed, attaching it with ceiling mount curtain rods.

A perfect place for Meditation & Relaxation

It can also relate to mind expansion through spiritual & meditative practices. Purple is a color that incites spiritual insight & creativity.

  • Deep purple makes an excellent choice for a psychedelic inspired bedroom, bonus room dedicated to contemplative meditation.

  • Consider indigo for the dark night sky feel on the ceiling in the same room.

  • In the room, use a platform style bed & layer rugs & cushions over the floor.

Use Candles

room-decor-ideas2Drip candles in bottles are a very boho hippy, especially with color changing candles that glows under black nights. Use these candles on a coffee or end tables. You can also put these candles on table near your bed. Lightning of candle will give you romantic feel.

Choose Black Light display

Much of Psychedelic art is black light reactive, giving wall art an awesome feel when displayed under ultra-violet light. Florescent tapestries are best against a dark background or darkly painted ceiling.

Choose Best lights for your Room

You can choose florescent tube lights for your room. The tubes containing powder coating inside that is designed to emit long wave UV light while the tube is made from a special glass called wood’s glass, which filters the most of the visible light.

Awesome Decore that you can’t Ignore

Whether it’s the complete room or some part of it, psychedelic decor rarely goes unnoticed. If you have an artistic side, creative & you can make much of it yourself.

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    Dude that’s really awesome ideas, I Would love implement them for my room and enjoy my Trip more…You know what i mean right 🙂

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    Ah… That is what i am looking for, thanks for helping me in making my room more artistic and Cozy : )

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    Thats how my room looks like 🙂
    Thats how my room looks like : )