Which Rakhi Will Be in Trend in 2018

Are you fashionholic? Do you like to do things according to fashion? Obviously, this 21st century is the world of fashion and everyone want to catch the steps of the competitive world to match the class. So why not this Rakhi, celebrate it in a stylish way and with time many creative and new things have launched in the market, which attracts people at the high level.

Yes, now those days are gone when you could only tie a thread as a rakhi on your brother’s wrist. Now the time has really changed and this modern world has brought many options for you. As now with the sense of creativity artists makes new and attractive rakhis, now rakhi’s can be used for the multipurpose and for a long time.  Now there are varieties of rakhis in the market which includes Bracelet Rakhi, Kids Rakhi, and Spiritual Rakhi.

So, if you are looking for the trending and fashionable rakhi, which is in trend in 2018. So, today Handicrunch the leading online portal brings you the best rakhis which are in trend.

Trending Rakhi in 2018 – Celebrate this occasion in a fashionholic way!

Bracelet Rakhis:

This rakhi is in demand for years and it is the most popular one. It has been observed that mostly brothers use to prefer to have these Bracelet rakhis as they can wear it for a long time and they can use it as an accessory on their hands. It is a one-time investment along this is, it can be the best gift for your brother. With time even you gift him the bracelet which has his Alphabet mark on the Bracelet.

Spiritual Rakhis:

Mostly sisters prefer to purchase the spiritual rakhis as it is considered as a protection for the brothers. As Indian culture believes a lot in the spirituality and they prefer to gift the protection to their beloved brother so they can be protected from the evil things and devils.

Designer Zardosi Rakhis:

Who doesn’t like designer Rakhi and surely this rakhi will on your list also. It is a most preferable rakhi of the sisters, especially who are the fashion freak. As we all know that designer rakhis bring a lot of varieties in terms of colors, pattern, and class to your occasion.

Elegant Peacock Rakhis:

This rakhi is counted among one of the beautiful rakhis in the list. This beautiful peacock rakhi is preferred all by age groups of sisters. This will be the choice of sisters in the coming thousand years also. This is not only a 2018 trend, in fact, this trend will continue till years. This is made up of the beautiful features of the peacock.

Colorful Beaded Rakhis:

Colorful beads are the fantasy of the sisters, even to make the rakhi something different sisters use to make it from their hands by selecting small and large beads but now to make it attractive there are different multicolor beads are available in the market.

Kids Rakhis:

Cartoon rakhis are the best and favorite of the kids and the sisters who are looking for the cartoon type rakhis. Kids always prefer toys and some excited rakhis. These kids rakhi will surely add fun to the kid’s occasion and it will make the occasion memorable.

After reading this article, you must be thinking that wow what a time even now there are varieties in rakhi’s also, but yes this is a modern fashionholic world. So in this hustle bustle lives, you don’t have to reach to roam in the market. Just come to the online store via the internet and grab your choice of rakhi at an affordable price to your doorstep.