Styles To Transfigure Home Into Blessed Heaven

I believe there is no fear of colours and you all love colours. I am sure with full enthusiasm you try to choose a different colour to decorate your home on a particular occasion. On some occasion you try to paint your drawing room and on some occasion you try to add Wall hanging Tapestry to your bedroom. Choosing an artistic accessories with different colours for a home decor is becoming experimental day by by day.

How to style your home?

Let’s discuss some of the fashion accesories that can bring a style to your home:

#1. Hanging a Tapestry in a room

Hanging a tapestry on a wall of a room – it can be a drawing room or a bed room can add a style and flavor to your home decor. Choosing a right colour of a wall hanging tapestry can mark the start of the seasons. It makes you more experimental and i believe after looking at a tapestry you would not choose only one. Yes, this might seem extreme, but this stretch will add style to your home. If you love all seasons and then probably you do not have any excuse for not making any changes. The other amazing thing about selecting different accessories for home decor is the way the environment or ambience respond and suddenly new elements of them come alive.

wall tapestries

#2. Mix and Match decorative Kilim Pillows

The Killim Pillows are having a serious momentum in the market. You will find tons of designers, retailers the moment you type google or pinterest . So, what are you waiting for rush towards a retailer or online one stop shop to buy Killim pillow coverTo be frank don’t really do it for anyone else in fact do it for your home. There is something interesting about killim pillows that makes your drawing room furniture appealing. The hand-woven vintage kilim fragments or new ikat fabrics offer a chance to spruce up any room with vibrant colors and twisted designs. Made from velvet, silk or woollen  threads they also bring luxurious textures into any room.

Remember having that match your bed or bed sheets is a big no. So, add some pillow that complement other colours in your room. This can be as effective as adding a work of art on your wall. The colours should exist in some other element in the room. It can be your curtains, painting of wall etc. Make sure they complement each other well. Don’t choose loud colours. You can merge small prints with large prints. You can also opt for plain pillow covers on printed bed sheets.

kantha pillow cover

#3. Cover your home in comfy cushions

Comfortable cushions are important for your home decor. For a completely change looks of your house it is better to change cushions in every three to six months. It’s magnificent the way a couch or a bed looks with comfortable range of cushion cover. Floral decorative image and geometric patterns complement each other pleasantly. Many times a living room becomes a disposable ground for things and the continuous wear and tear can make them look little unfashionable and run down. To renovate your living room one can consider the idea of using a few cushions to spruce up your room. But it is important to choose the right floor cushion and cushion covers.

It can pull all the elements together and bring back life to a once dull, mismatched room. Selecting cushions is the best part. It will be easy if you have already kept the colour palette in mind. Most of the cushions will have one of the colours or designs that you want. Choosing the right size and shape of the cushion is as important as choosing the right colour. For more information on cushion cover for eg. pom pom cushion cover, one can visit Handicrunch. 

pom pom cushion cover

# 4 Rely on indigo-dyed fabric accents

Let’s get into history of indigo-dyed fabric accents. Indigo is a plant, in fact one of the oldest known plant-derived dyes. In fact it has historical evidence of use dating back to 3000 B.C. in Asia and Africa. It’s also the only natural dye that is capable of creating a “true blue,” and can be harvested from hundreds of different plant sources by soaking leaves in water and extracting the chemical released in the water to make dye. The new Indigo Dye Kit provides all the essentials for creating beautifully patterned fabrics.

There is one stop shop like Handicrunch that create one-of-a-kind designs by binding, folding, twisting, and compressing the natural fabric of your choice before dyeing. Once it is done the indigo-dyed fabric is ready to transform into kitchen linens, scarves, festive bunting, or an alternative to wrapping paper. So, you can use this indigo dye fabric in mandala hanging tapestry, mandala curtains.

mandala curtains

#5 Use twinkly string lighting or paper lanterns to set the mood

String lights or paper lanterns look fanciful no matter where you hang them. But when you merge their loveliness with the charm that any bedroom has you get a truly dreamy look. And given how pliant string lights are and the variety of styles they come in, you can create some really awesome and creative designs. And here you go with string lights for bedroom awesomeness and same can be use as door hanging decor.

door hanging

Closing Thoughts: I hope you will love the products that we discussed. They actually bring texture and colour and they look marvellous with every type of decor. They can be arranged to add crazy texture and colour to your rooms or hung up solo as a centrepiece. To be frank, who would not like to relax in such atmosphere. Natural designs bring sense of calm into a space. Decorating your home in small manner can freshen up your space and be inexpensive. So, hurry up and head towards an online shopping centre like Handicrunch and avail home decor accessories as per your liking and home environment. Happy Buying and blessed home.