Tips to Arrange Cushion Perfectly in your Home

Cushion adds an effect to your decor as well as, it add an extra touch to space. The decor of cushions can be little bit tricky and while shopping you have to think a lot as for the matching patterns and colors. It has already marked its special presence since middle age. It is the perfect substitute for chairs in across palaces and well-being houses. In earlier days only expensive people were able to afford it but now the time has changed and variety of cushions with cheap to normal, too expensive to high expensive with different characteristics, features, shapes, and colors are available in the market.

Whereas, cushions are really an easy way to attract the decor and add color, pattern, and contrast to any space. The imperative characteristic of the cushion is that, it can be replaced anytime and without having any obstacle and can give a new look whenever you wish and add a charm to your decor. Cushions are elegant, classic, minimal, frivolous with a low investment budget and it gives you a high style.

The main thing that has to keep in mind while decor of cushions is everything should be best and the cushion size, shape, and styling matter a lot. So let’s know more about it!

Size: Since years it has been noticed that the perfect size of the cushions for the sofas and bed is 500mm (20 inches) square.  Look for feather and foam inserts for a lovely firm feel and covers with concealed zips for a seamless effect.

Quantity: The quantity of cushions should be up to mark, the more cushions can mess the space and the fewer ones can decrease the effect. There should be four cushions for a two-seater sofa and six cushions for a three-seater. Divide them into two matching sets as visual bookends for a resolved and balanced look.

Position: Place them on your flat side or place on behind the other there are many ways of placing them and it will add the touch. It is important that they should be placed in a right way otherwise the look can be ruin.

Combination: Give a proper combination, to your decor as a perfect combination can add a lot to it. Combinations increase charm to your decor and even beauty the different and perfect patterns can make the mixture and makes it perfect in its own way. Mix organic and geometric patterns gives a perfect dynamic.

Fabrics: You should select the best fabrics, fabrics are the best choice for the decor for indoor as well as outdoor but you should go for the hard-wearing ones to keep your outdoor cushions fresh.

Color-Dipped Cushions: It is the best way to start with neutrals, pair them and get the perfect combination.

Other Ideas: You can show your all creativity here, whatever pattern color you need, you can place them and it will never ruin your look it is decor which will always increase and add the charm to your decor in the best way. The more creativity you will show the more grace it will add on. In Fact for the patterned sofa also you can use the geometric cushions it will get fixed with them.  Even you can go with the simple pattern, texture colors that play into the central color palette in use. Even different themes and animals cushion covers are also available in the market. You can go with different color, theme and even with the pattern to give a unique look and according to your taste.

Cushion Arrangement: For diwan and bed place two large cushions for the innermost circle, then work in colorful bolsters or differently shaped cushions in the two or three outer circles. If you want to have some fun in your living room then arrange a set of floor cushions even you place them in a diamond shape and keep them on each other of different sizes.

We are sure, you will love these ideas and tips even they will be very useful for your home decor cushions are the one of the simple and easy way to decor your space which is easy to carry and replace the decor. So, tune with us for more amazing tips and decor which will surely change your space till then you try this and add some charm, royalty, and beauty to your space and make your decor loving, stylish and beautiful in a unique manner. We hope you have like it, please comment and tell us your ideas and views.