Top 10 Creative Ideas to Use Household Items as Curtain Hardware

A little imagination can help trigger new ideas and in turn you can create one of a kind hardware and tiebacks for your curtains from everyday objects.

Braced With Bracelets

The men’s cuffs and women’s bracelets are the right size for cinching single-width drapery panels. One can be experimental and can use bracelets and cuffs to as tiebacks by placing them around drapery panels and hanging freely, or create a more permanent look by attaching them to the wall with Velcro.

Branching Out

Let us say if you are looking forward to the perfect object for a lightweight drapery rod then you may find it sitting right outside your window. Branches can make for excellent, sculptural drapery rods with a few simple do-it-yourself updates. So first you need to look for a branch with the proper length and width to fit above a window and handle the weight of the chosen drapery panel.

Then the next step is to cut it to size and spray-paint it in a colour which contrasts well against the wall. And last but not the least the items such as ready-made drapery rod brackets or L brackets ,secure standoffs directly to the wall using plastic drywall anchors, then attach the branch with screws or bailing wire. Thus, going for window treatments is a creativity now days.

A Touch of Ties

The neckties are imaginative solution when draperies need to be pulled back from or tied back in the middle of a window. Fixed tiebacks are created with Velcro placed along the back of the neck loop and attached directly to the wall while freestanding tiebacks simply require a proper Windsor knot slipped up along the bottom of a drapery panel.

A Nod to Nautical

Sisal rope has endless uses when it comes to decorating. In order to add a nautical touch to windows one can consider adding small two-by-two-inch wooden blocks above a window. Then, after cutting a spool of rope to size, knotting each end and sliding drapery rings or panels directly onto it, attach rope securely to blocks with decorative screws and washers. A more tailored or relaxed look can be achieved depending on how tight the rope is pulled before being secured to each block.

mandala curtains

Fashion Forward

To add some trendy touch to your curtains by making an alternate use of an old leather belt into a stylish and preppy tieback. You need to enclose the belt around the gathered drapery panel and add an additional hole to the belt using a nail and hammer. You need to take the belt to the wall approximately 10 inches in from the front edge of the belt buckle. Wrap the belt around the drapery panel and buckle in place with the brand-new hole.

Stylishly Sporty Use of Golf Rod

One can use a golf-club rod to place above windows. Thus, you can bring a creative touch by using golf-club drapery rods placed above small windows. To use the golf club successfully, secure them into the wall above and alongside the window, slide panels onto the clubs, then secure them to the C hooks.

Nifty Necklace

Folks if you are not using jewellery often then bring it out of the jewellery box and in plain sight by using necklaces as curtain tiebacks. To be confident about the proper effect, you need to pick necklaces large and thick enough to be seen from different vantage points in the room. In case you will use weak or thin pieces, they may lose impact and look more like clutter than decorative tiebacks. Try out mandala curtains from

Design Home Run

In case you want to bring some sporty looks to a boys room then Bring the ball game in their room with baseball drapery rod finials. For that you need to make use of of baseball and turn it into a finial in turn use a paddle bit slightly larger in diameter than the rod, drilling directly into one side of the baseball. Next thing to do is to position the baseball directly along the end of the rod, securing a tight fit by hand.

Toy Story

There are many finials that are made specifically for children’s rooms are branded, themed or too trendy to withstand the test of time. Put a classic spin on a colourful, kid-friendly space by using wooden blocks for a different purpose such as finials with wood glue, a drill and paddle bit. The moment you see that the proper hole is drilled into the side, secure the blocks to the end of the drapery pole with properly sized screws or bolts.

Wrapping up:

Sometimes creativity becomes your natural gift when you try to use different things to make a beautiful and creative thing. For your home decor shop wall hangings, bed covers, tapestries etc from Handicrunch at reasonable prices.