Top 13 Opinions For Blank Wall Decor Using Stuff

The most amazing thing in this world is to decorate a blank wall with your superior ideas and execute it as it is as you imagination gives you so much peace of mind”

The things which are empty are not the unusual things in the world. As every decoartion starts from the empty area. So if you see any blank wall in your home then start imagining and keep your eye on the things which can make your blank wall very cheerful. A wall can be enlightened by many glowing things and can be made very sight seeing by your own creativeness. If you are thinking that how is this possible to renovate a blank wall using things then go through these 13 tips:

13 Tips to make your every blank wall adorning:

#1 Addition of some angelic stickers or stunning wall paper-

wall decor

Reassemble the spark of you wall with the extravagant wall papers. Always remember that you need to order the wall paper in accordance to the wall colour. Something which makes chaos are more considerable. You can renovate you wall with the amazing wallpaper which are generous in nature. Make sure that you have a perfect estimation of the dimensions of the wall paper as too much short or too much long can create a wrong impact. Remove all the dirtiness of the wall before applying the wall paper. Compliment your room with the theme.

#2 Boxes which contains the wondrous things-

Better place some boxes over the wall and keep some attractive stuff in that. Make boxes in symmetry and in the permutations and combinations. Have a sequence like 2.4.6 or 1.3.5. Colour your box in dark colour from inside of the room. To add some essence Printed wall hanging tapestry  can be used on the wall. This will make you wall look more 3D. All you need is a square shaped box and keep a hole in between to insert some spanking things. This is the simplest and homemade tip.

#3 Letters and signs on the cardboard-

This is my favourite wall decor tip as i like to write my name over the walls to make it more remarkable. Do you have similar passion? Then try this thing. Write your name on the wooden cardboard and highlight it with the smashing lights. Every evening it will glow your name. Hang it on the wall. This will protect you wall from sticking issues. Try to write some quotes on it and hang in different areas.

#4 Use of String art-

This is the most creative wall decor. In this you need use the nails to apply some designs on the wood board instead of nailing it on the walls. Place the nails on the wood board and design a pattern and apply the thread in accordance to the pattern. For example draw an Animal printed string. Once, it is ready keep it over the wall by pinching only one nail. This will look so fabulous and creates the liveliness of your wall.

#5 Sequin methodology-

This method involves the making of the artistic board to hang it over the table or in the center of the wall. This needs some more attention and focus and we need to think the complimenting thoughts for the particular areas. For example you can add a sparkling cardboard of the word that inspires you so much on the most seen part of the wall. In short in front wall of the bed. Have a living headboard in the bedroom or a smashing board in the living room.

#6 3D dimensional flowers or different shape-

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The most elegant and decent way to create a picturization of the 3D image on the walls is to form a 3D flowers and stick it on the walls. This will give your wall a glamorous look. You will be surprised with the glimpse. Not only 3D flowers you can also make some more cartoon creatures which produce 3D effects and hang it in your children’s room. A charming stuff on light coloured walls is icing on the cake.

#7 Enlightening rooms-

room decor

Glow your wall with the enlightening lights and make them cheerful. Change the wall appearance from a dull looking dumb type wall into an active wall having some lights on the wall. This will make your room more epic than it was before. Any place can look better if it is in the lights. The lighting effect is an additional feature for your room.

#8 Design a clock using your memories-

Design a pattern of semicircle or clock on the blank wall with your adorable photos. This will always cherish you with the memories and will let you memorise with the past. In this way your wall will be decorated and you will get some space to remeber your moments. It gives you so much happiness if you remember your admirable moments.

#9 Art of mirror collage-

This art is must read for all the people who love to see their face in the mirror and can look more young by repeating this activity many times in a day. This is a method in which we can make a collage of mirrors and keep it attached to the blank wall. All of a sudden the wall which was never seen will change into a must seen wall. This is a most amazing trcik used by the people to draw the attention towards the blank wall.

#10 Creation of a wall gallery-

You can make the wall more adorable by creating a gallery of all the photos. You can also make a family tree of your photos. This will increase your morality and will give a positive message to others about your family principles. This is the wonderful warm welcome of your loved ones. This makes you home more live and though you live alone your memories will be with you.


It totally depends upon you how you want your walls to be. You have uncovered so many tips to make your wall crunchy and crispy. Hunt for hippy wall hanging tapestry from our online store This is a flavour to your wall. So don’t wait for anything, start collecting things for your wall decor and assemble them in a proper sequence. This is the most beautiful job you can ever do.