Traditional Ways to Follow While Celebrating Rakshabandhan

Traditional Ways to Follow While Celebrating Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is among the most widely celebrated Indian festivals. This festival represents the bond of brother-sister. Raksha Bandhan has been celebrated in India since years, and it has been seen that in many other parts of Asia also it celebrated for centuries. In this modern era also it is celebrated with much excitement and gusto.

It is commemorated in the Shravana masa on specific full moon day or ‘Purnima’ and this occasion is known with the different names in different part of the country. As this is an auspicious day, in the closer market it has been seen that they start selling the beautiful and attractive Rakhi’s and as it is considered as a pious day, so families visits to temple to start the day.

After That, sisters decorate the aarti thali  (plate) for her brother with full trust and love. Mythology and history have numerous stories that are attributed to being the origin of rakhi.

According to the best time,  sisters tie the rakhi on her brother’s wrist and then feed him the sweets. In the return, brother gives some gift to their sisters with blessing. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in different ways by different people.

The festival of Rakhi is celebrated in all over India with great enthusiasm. Tradition and customs associated with rakhi involve tying of a rakhi.

Traditional ways to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan

1. Bathing Before the Ceremony

In India it is essential to take bath before any pious ceremony or pooja, so on Rakhi, the foremost thing is locals bath and clean themselves and they also remove the bad ideas and thoughts from their mind.

2. The Rakhi Pooja

In Rakhi pooja the thali is decorated with essentials like rahik Deepak(candle), Kum-Kum for Tilak, rice, agarbatti(incense stick) and sandalwood along with sweets. The thali (plate) for Rakhi should be prepared with all the rakhis placed on it. A pooja is performed on the ancestors to bless the occasion. Rakhi Pooja thali that is handcrafted to perfection and each piece is decorated with love and absolute care.

3. The Rakhi

Make your brothers feel special with these exotic set of rakhis. The sacrosanct threads come in a sturdy cardboard box and have a red satin lining all across to ensure rakhi is delivered in the best condition. On this festival sister tie rakhis on their brother’s wrist. At the time of reciting some speak mantras and some are just best wishes for their brothers.

4. Roli Chawal

First, the sister has to put the tilak and rice on the forehead of the brother. Then it is followed by Aarti. After that, she ties the rakhi on his wrist and feeds him, sweets.

5. Sweet

In the time of Rakhi ritual sisters feed sweet to brothers, in the return brothers also, feeds sweet to his sisters. With all these activities a little piece of the sweet is offered to the God and after this take a blessing from the God.

6. Aarti

In a pooja thali there has a burning diya or some sticks of incense which are used to do aarti of the brothers. Sisters moving the thali in a roundabout manner in the front of brothers face. Through this aarati sister wants to protect her brother from the harmful eyes and bad intentions.

7. Fasting

On this occasion, sisters take fast till she ties the rakhi on her brother’s wrist. After that sisters broke their fast. The purpose of fast is not excessed it is only for brother’s best wishes and age growth.

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