How to Wear Long Skirts for Summer

The fashion trend of Long skirt will keep going and it continues to grow. Long skirts are easy to style, they are super feminine and versatile This summer season long skirts reach their fashion peak, as many designers offered lots of long skirt designs and color combinations. You can get many options in long skirts: there are many prints, lots of fabrics etc.

In summer season people love to wear light colored fabric and the reason being is that wearing light colored clothing is key to regulating body temperature during the summer months when sun exposure is at its highest.

Now let’s have a general discussion:

A long skirt of any variety would look nice on tall and slim women. So any kind of pattern or print whether bold or neutral would do. The printed skirt can be matched with light blouse and a slim-cut skirt with a detailed blouse. Buy skirt that would be three to four inches below knee in case you are looking forward to wear it for the formal purpose such as office, meeting or a dinner. But when it comes to casual wear, then ankle skirts are more comfy and prettier than jeans or slacks. In case you happen to be a very tall woman, then you can use the length of the skirt to hide your feet and in the process flatter your figure. Basically, you can opt for printed skirts.

If you are short, then wear the long skirt a few inches above your ankle or below your ankle. Infact wearing heels can also increase your height. To heighten its silhouette due to the skirt’s length women with short height will have to wear the long skirt in a different manner. A skirt that is light in weight and body fit, sleek skirts should be apt for petite women.

As far as length of skirt is concerned Finding the right length of the skirt can be a bit challenging since women have different heights. Which is why see to it that the length of your skirt matches your height. Whenever you are out for a shopping of a long skirt, a bit of research and experimentation is required.

The presence of a gathering or bunches of fabric around the tummy area can interrupt the effortless impact of a long skirt. Let the style of the skirt fall smoothly from the waist. Having too much of fringes also ends up disturbing the look.

Wear a longer shirt or shorter tunic over the skirt if you want to enjoy a great top pairing. You need to check that it is not too long and falls around the hips, but try to avoid tucking the top inside the skirt as that will end up highlighting your paunch if you have one.

When it comes to choosing footwear for long skirts, invest in flat sandals, slippers, and sneakers. During the night you can always rely on peep toes, pumps, heeled gladiators or dressy sandals. Long skirts also look great with knee-high boots.

You can also try a high waist skirt and can hide your rounded and bulging tummy by putting the long skirt below the breast line. Alternatively, you can wear the mandala long skirt at the thinnest part of your waist.

It can make out from the above discussion that women with shorter and medium height can also sport this new outfit as long as they know how to make appropriate styling combinations.

After going through the above description i believe the fashion tips for long skirts and how to wear long skirts if you’re short will happily lift all your worries and make you embrace ways to style long skirts.

The Final Thought:

Girls if you got tired of jeans and pants then it is time to change the style and look more feminine by wearing skirts. After going through the above blog, I am sure you will not confuse how to wear long skirts. So buy a bunch of long skirts from handicrunch at reasonable prices. Here you will get light colored clothing that reflects the sun’s heat away from the body to help it stay cooler. Happy Buying and wearing long skirts.