The shape of your hand bag tells about your outing. Whether it is a committee meeting or a chance to enjoy the splendid moments”

Women use their handbag to carry all the essentials with them. They never take the risk of any type of awkwardness and shyness in front of the crowd. Your handbag describes your personality. That’s why we always choose the best handbag ever that is unique. A woman always feels incomplete without the handbag. Handbags are the most important thing to be carried alongwith. It is used for many purposes such as showing off your sizzling handbags or carry your essentials with you. A woman carry all her make up set, handkerchief or wet tissue paper, eatables, accessories in her bag so that it can help them wherever they are. A sophisticated girl or a woman always looks beautiful and carries her pride with her irrespective of the skin colour. The things which makes a woman look her own form or her well known dresses, her shining footwear, her charming face. All of the above if a woman is happy from inside, then obviously she can look as beautiful as a rainbow. It all depends upon the looks. How you judge the beautiness of a girl. Some people judge it according to skin colour while some judges in accordance with internal beauty. We will talk about the handbags that womens carry.

8 Types of fantastic sterling woman handbags:

#1 Clutch for comfortness

The Clutch is used for carrying small purpose essentials. It is mostly used in high class parties, birthdays, cocktails, meetings etc. The Clutch is used when you need to carry the burden of all the things to a venue. You can keep a mobile phone, tissues or handkerchiefs, cosmetics, etc. In the clutch. As it is a small area bag so it can hold only small and mandatory accessories. There is always a list of the essentials which is supposed to carry in the clutch. It is very friendly method to carry your essentials. This will save your energy and make yourself comfortable.

#2 Festival handbags with long straps

It is said to be a longer version of the clutch we use for carrying small essentials. This type of handbag contains the essentials more than a clutch. In clutch we need to hold it with one hand, but in a festival we need not hold it as it contains a long strap which can be hung over or any of the shoulder. This type of bags is mostly used to date with your loved ones, shopping in malls, day outing or meeting someone after so long. Wear a smashing one piece with fabulous festival. It will snatch one’s attention. Look fashionable and trendy.

#3 Envelope based handbags for evenings

An envelope bag is known for the party wear. Like we have some selected dressed which are supposed to be wear in the evening parties. Similarly, we have some selected handbags for the evening parties which gives you an amazing feeling. Carrying this type of bag in the parties shows your respect and sense of humor how to get ready for the party. This is what to be learnt before going to a party. This carries keys, mobile phones and small gifts. We should always be honored with etiquettes.

#4 Tote bags for your beach experiences

All the women have the knowledge that which bag should be chosen at what time. Tote bags are used for the beach outings. When a woman goes to a beach she needs to carry the daily essentials as well as the clothes to be wear at the beach. It feels so special when you are in the synchronization with the fashion. You look so trendy if you have the proper information about the clothes and accessories to be carried. This kind of bags helps you in making a comfort zone for yourself at the beach and it is very big in size so you can carry all the important things with you.

#5 Bowler with it’s handles

This type of bag used to be the dominant bags once upon a time, but it doesn’t mean that it has loosed it’s charmness. This bag is as younger as a 16 year old girl. This is a very spacious bag. It can withstand all your essentials with your eatables. It is mostly used by the women above 24 years old or you can say married women. This is generally used for weekend shopping, corporate meetings, exhibition and events etc. It has two separate strong handles which can be used over your hands or over the shoulders. Depends on your choice.

#6 Duffel for your fitness purpose

Duffel handbags are mostly used for gym purpose or weekend travel. You can take all your things such as towel, juice, spray, deodorant with you in this bag to the gym. It helps in carrying the stuff with you to the gym. Printed handbag is also good for gym purposes. You can carry your two sets of clothes for the weekend. If you are planning to visit your relatives house and planning to have a night stay there, then this bag is the perfect bag to be carried by you. It is more spacious and can have all your essentials with the clothes. Eatables too!!!

#7 Messenger-favorite among techies

This type of bag is mostly carried by the techies or students in college. For techies it is comfortable to carry the electronic gadgets with them. For students it is easy to carry notebooks along with lunch and a wallet. This is a one side bag as well as a shoulder bag. This can be carried out for casual meetings. These give you a fashionable look and gorgeous charms.

#8 Hobo bags for girls

These types of bags are mainly used by the girls going to college. They can carry this on their shoulders. It is very spacious so they can carry all their essentials and make a proper use of this bag. This gives them a stunning look. If you click a picture of yours with this bag, then you can have the most magnificent picture of yours.

Closing thoughts:

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